Jim Brandstatter fired by WJR

Submitted by ypsituckyboy on July 10th, 2018 at 11:18 AM

Sounds like he's only been fired from his role doing color for the Lions, not from doing the play-by-play for Michigan football. I'm not sure why WJR canned him. I always thought he was good on color commentary. Not a fan of his play-by-play work. No idea why Frank Beckmann was let go. He was really good



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I think he was starting to struggle a little bit anyway.  His calls were getting sloppy and it was probably time for him to be replaced, but with a real actual play-by-play guy, not by moving over his color commentator into a position he was completely ill-equipped to perform.


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If you have the opportunity to listen to Beckmann's PBP early in his career and compare it to the PBP toward the end, the difference is very noticeable.

The early Beckmann was crisp, quick, on-point, with clear enunciation. At the end, he was loose, not nearly as crisp, slower, and sometimes even a bit mush-mouthed. On a couple of occasions it sounded to me like he was broadcasting after having a few too many drinks.

Age takes its toll.

I know this is heresy to older Michigan fans, but at his peak I thought Beckmann was far superior to Ufer when it came to play-by-play. He certainly didn't deliver all the theatrical stuff that Ufer did between plays, but if you wanted to know exactly who did what on what play for what effect, Beckmann was better than Ufer.


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It's sad but true.  Even his "Touchdown Michigan!" started sounding frail and weaker and nothing like I grew up to listening. 

It was still hard for me to see him retire.  I was a year old when he took over for Ufer so he's who I grew up with.  Even when my dad and I went to the actual games at the big house, we would still bring in a tiny radio and turn it on whenever a big play would happen so we could listen to Beckmann.  (I doubt you could bring a radio in today.) 


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I don't understand this at all. How does get fired from the job he's good at but somehow manages to keep the job he embarrasses himself in?

'Reasons', I guess. 


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I've met Brandy and Robbie Timmons several times over the years, I gotta say that anyone who had something bad to say about either one of them is lying out their ass. 

They both are two of the nicest and easiest going people that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, salt of the earth folks. 

Moonlight Graham

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I love Brandstatter but play by play is not his thing. I would have rather seen him replaced in his U of M role, stay doing color for the Lions and, better yet, go back to color for Michigan. There could be a three-man booth with Dierdorf like the old Monday Night Football (or lots of pro and college teams), with Shepard or Champion doing PBP. 


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It stems from his morning show, I think.  I like Shep, but he NEVER wrong.  He will even completely change the parameters of a discussion in the middle of it so as not to have to modify his position or admit that he may have been off-base about anything.  You add that to the fact that his knowledge of sports outside of his preferred local/Detroit teams is really actually pretty limited and he rubs some people the wrong way.  He is a completely adequate PbP guy though, not great, but good.  It was and continues to be kind of foolish for him not to be Michigan play by play voice.


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People think I'm insane for saying this (in general that's probably a true statement) but I think Dan Leach would be a great play by play voice if he toned down the wacky expressions. If you've ever heard his Detroit Titans calls, he has an amazing voice for that sort of thing.

Oh and he's a huge Michigan homer who has been going to games with his dad since he was little.

Indiana Blue

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Yo NittanyFan  -  the PSU pbp guy does a good job painting the pbp picture, but according to him every Visitors incomplete pass was "nearly picked off" by a Penn State defender.   

Michigan really does need to get a REAL plp announcer (someone who has years of experience ... Brandy NEVER paints a "radio picture" ... and trying to sync the radio broadcast to the TV makes me cringe how his calls lag the game action (but that's better than Matt Millen any fucking day of the week).

Go Blue! 

yossarians tree

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That a program that has the reach and tradition of Michigan does not have a real professional pbp guy is an absolute disgrace. I can't listen to Brandy unless I absolutely have to. He's shrill, disjointed, and unprofessional describing a game which is um, his job. If it's not Shep then they should just go outside the family completely. They could find somebody really good who fans could learn to love over the next couple decades.


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First they move off of FM radio,which was, no matter how you feel about Valenti, a stupid idea.

Now this.

At least WJR doesn't have control of the Michigan broadcasts.


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Met Lomas through my brother-in-law, he’s a great dude and i’m truly happy for him. However, Brandy was pretty good on color for the Lions. I’m sure there might be a few cringe worthy moments from time to time, but I think it could work over time. They probably figured Brandy wasn’t going to be doing it too much longer anyway and decided to make the change now.