Jets Hiring Adam Gase as HC

Submitted by Wolverine0007 on January 9th, 2019 at 7:54 PM

Official: The NY Jets have hired Adam Gase to be its new HC.


This should put to death those pesky Harbaugh to NY Jets rumors that have been floating around. 



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Guess the Lions can bring McCarthy on as OC now that Gase isn't available. Maybe he could then hire Pep for a position coach on the offense. One can only dream!


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The ineptitude of the non-Patriot teams in the NFC East has been a huge edge for New England. They might not beat any of the AFC playoff teams on a neutral field (although the Texans with O'Brien find ways to underperform), but they get the 2 seed and at least one home game because they get a bunch of freebies against the dregs of the NFC East.

Bill Belichick and company are a very well run organization anyway, but when you add in the comparison factor to the shit around them it's like watching Amazon compete against Sears. 

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Let's put a name with that old rumor, shall we?  It was Mike Florio, of something called "Pro Football Talk."  I love this post of his, which reports the move by the Jets without a word of acknowledgement of what a stupid rumor he floated a few weeks ago.

I tried to email Florio before the New Year, asking him to please bet me $100,000 that Jim Harbaugh would be coaching at the University of Michigan next season, and not the New York Jets.  Funny thing is, he didn't get back to me.

Maybe all of you will have better luck in getting a response from him.  Please share your feelings by emailing him at:

[email protected]

Edit.:  Florio says he stands by the original story.  He says it was 100% accurate.  That is to say, the story was nothing more than that the Jets might like to ask Jim Harbaugh if he was interested in the job.  And of course that was my bitch from Day One.  That Florio, when he was inevitably shown to have been wrong, would retreat to the position that all he was ever saying was that the Jets would ask to speak with Harbaugh.

That's a shitty story, even taking Florio at his word.  I don't think that this enterprise ever got past some people talking about it.  I expect that the Jets never had an offer, or even an outline of an offer, for Harbaugh, and of course that no such offer was ever communicated.  I expect that Jim Harbaugh never once spoke with anyone from the Jets, full stop.




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I am not a Jets fan (Giants and Pats), but if I were, I would not love this hire.  The Jets had a choice between a relatively stable, experienced, solid and low-floor guy in MCCarthy and a higher-risk candidate in Gase.  If he works out, he could be a great hire, but given his record at Miami, he could also be gone in 4 years.  

If I were the Jets - always in flux, never stable, and constantly in rebuild mode - I would have gone with McCarthy, just to steady the franchise, get the team to respectable (and stable) and legitimize the team as something other than a clown show.  Maybe he turns out to be great, but if not, when he leaves, they are in a better place (in what will likely be a very weak division over the next few years).