Jersey changes. Thanks DB.

Submitted by NFG on September 7th, 2013 at 11:10 AM
Alternative jerseys to be worn tonight. Be prepared.



September 7th, 2013 at 11:13 AM ^

He's done more for Michigan athletics than any other person in the past ten years and you just want to drag him through the mud because it's the cool thing to do.


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Special uniforms could increase the interest level and special-ness of games like Akron.

Our "brand" would be best maintained if during the big games (the casual fan drop-in games) the team was wearing the same uniform more than once in a row, so the casual person wouldn't have to guess if they were watching Michigan or not.



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I'ts done for 1 BIG reason and I believe 1 other reason.

#1 It's about money. Alternate Jerseys sell when worn for a big games that Michigan wins. The last UTLs Uniforms were horrible. But those Jerseys broght in major cash flow for the AD department. We as a fan base wanted something from that game to remember and make us feel a part of it.  Don't want alternate Jerseys? Stop buying the damn things. 

#2 Recruits and the current players like them.  As much as they give up terms of time to put a product on the field that we all worship on Saturdays it's really NOT that big of a deal. If one 5 star recruit commits to play for Michigan and he becomes that next Woodson it's worth it. I'm not foolish enough to believe Jersey's alone would bring a recruit to Michigan, but every little detail adds up to a whole package. 

The money pays for coaches like Hoke and Mattison. Up grades for the Basketball team and coach B. If we as an alum/fanbase want a football team that can compete at the level of the Alabamas in football, Dukes/Kentuckys in basketball this is what we have to live with. 

We shouldn't let the little things distract us from the bigger picture. Draw a line with the helmets and i'm sure DB understands that. I thought the matted helmets rocked btw.


September 7th, 2013 at 7:20 PM ^

I am to lazy to Google this right now but a major publication has dispelled the notion that licensing (e.g. jersey sales) really bring that much money into a U.

Alternate uniforms are only good for one purpose; marketing.  Except for that little fact that Michigan has one of the most iconic uniforms in sports.  Show a picture of pinstripes on a baseball unifrom; New York Yankees, a Star on a helmet; Dallas Cowboys, Winged helmet; Michigan Wolverines.   


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He's a great athletic director, but that doesn't mean it's not fair to call him out for making the few bad decisions that he has made, like this rumored one.

These alternate uniforms have a history of being terrible, and the idea that we can't play a big game in our regular awesome home uniforms needs to be stopped.

snarling wolverine

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What about the Crisler renovations, transforming the place from a dungeon into a first-class arena?  Giving our coaching staffs much greater budgets to hire assistants (compared to Martin and his skinflit budgets)?  You hate those things?

I don't care for the alternate jerseys, but when that's the main complain we have, we have things going pretty well.



snarling wolverine

September 7th, 2013 at 11:54 AM ^

You're grasping at straws.  I live in A2 and drive by there on a daily basis.  The stadium is still perfectly visible.

The athletic campus - and especially Crisler - looks beautiful now. I remember 20 years ago when the stadium had a cheap chain-link fence around it, and then they put up the halo.  Anyone who thinks it's worse now than it was then is completely out to lunch.  

I see that you did not respond to my point about Brandon dramatically increasing the pool of money available for assistants.  I forgot to add that he's also increasing our recruiting budgets significantly.  If you liked Bill Martin refusing to buy Tommy Amaker a freaking VCR and preventing RichRod from hiring the DC he wanted, I guess that's your prerogative, but I like having an AD who will commit to giving his coaches the resources they need. 




September 7th, 2013 at 1:13 PM ^

He like many Michigan fans myself included are giving Brandon a pass. So many aspects are the program are improving. Yes, Dave Brandon is clearly attempting to maximize revenue but that doesn't make him a bad fit for GM. As long as he willing to alter his policies when the Michigan faithful object then I don't have a problem with him.

The seat cover issue is a perfect example, it was clearly a dumb policy objected by Michigan fans. The policy changed almost immediately.

True Blue Grit

September 7th, 2013 at 12:38 PM ^

at least coaches didn't bolt because they were being underpaid so much.  Canham was a REAL skinflint - at least when it came to paying coaches.  Bo himself almost left because of it, but stayed because of his extreme loyalty to the program and school.  People bitch at Brandon for being so pre-occupied with squeezing more revenue out of everything, then on the other hand want all our teams to be winning championships.   In today's college sports world, it takes a lot of money to compete for elite athletes and top-flight coaches.  Live with it folks.  


September 7th, 2013 at 12:16 PM ^

The Rodriguez aftermath and "Practicegate"were probably the biggest crises in the history of Michigan football. With lesser leadership, Michigan would almost certainly have taken a step back. That window where recruits still remember Michigan as a great program was closing quick. Things could have gone very badly for us. But Brandon didn't turn belly up like Martin. He OWNED his challenges. And because of that Michigan football is as strong as it has been since the scholarship limit era began. And here you sit crying about butt pads and macaroni. Where is your appreciation?


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Hey that's your opinion, I'll choose Hoke or maybe even Lloyd. Literally not one thing that is on the football field that DB is responsible for has done is good. Unless I'm forgetting ike, one thing.

He understands nothing about the Micigan brand, not even about branding in general. He is good at getting money--if that is your definition then you are right, otherwise you are wrong IMO.