Jerry Meyer CB for 4* SF Jalen Wilson

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Jerry Meyer, Director of Basketball Scouting for 247, just put in a CB for Jalen Wilson to Michigan last night after Wilson released his top 6. This is obviously an important CB to receive and is a good sign for us. Jalen Wilson is 5*, #15 player overall according to 247 and a 4*, #28 player and the highest ranked 4* in the 247 composite rankings.…


San Diego Mick

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and shot. It seems like if everyone just stuck to their culture and no one outside of that can embrace or share it then that just keeps us separated from each other's cultures as opposed to everyone embracing different cultures and bringing us closer because of it.


I'm not saying anything against you, you're probably just trying to be funny, just an observation.


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Is he a 4-star as you say in the title or a 5-star as you say in the post.   My level emotional attachment depends upon that last star.  /s


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 Thank you for the clarification.  You may have inferred that, but it wasn't stated.  


There are three CBs and Michigan has 67% of them.  One guy picked Marquette another picked Michigan, but you have to pay to see the third guys pick.  

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*Beilein takes on a 5* recruit with offers from Kansas and UCLA*


Maizen: "Well both those programs are overrated so it's not a big recruiting win"

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Jalen's hometown:

The hub of Denton’s unplugged music scene is now Dan’s Silver Leaf, a colorful dive bar in a former radiator repair shop decorated with Texas longhorn skulls. On a breezy Saturday night last March, the bar was packed with 20-somethings with straggly beards, ponytails and vintage T-shirts. They sat in stone silence as Sarah Jaffe, a 22-year-old transplant from Dallas, belted out a heartfelt ballad reminiscent of Jeff Buckley’s version of “Hallelujah.” Local music watchers were already calling her the town’s next Norah Jones. 

“People get kind of jaded because we literally have some of the best musicians in the world play here,” said Dan Mojica, the club’s silver-haired owner, who was holding court at his usual spot at the backyard bar. “We’ve set the standard so high that locals are expecting that all the time.”


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In looking at the 247 composite top 50, I noticed their is a recruit named Koffi Cockburn. Didn't someone win a famous lawsuit against McDonalds once because of a Koffi Cockburn? 

I'll see myself out. 


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My thoughts on Jalen Wilson....


Skilled.  Good passer.  Nice spin move, handles, touch on his shot. Seems like an intelligent player.  Humble, not cocky.  Seems coachable.


Plays short.  Does not go up strong.  Not super athletic.


I would not call this kid a 5*, but he is definitely in the 50-100 range.  Would be a very nice pickup.  Ignas Brazdeikis is a much, much better prospect all around at the same stage if i were to compare both SF's.


This is a good clip of him against high-5 star probably Kentucky-bound PG Tyrese Maxey (who is friggin phenomenal, but your usual cocky, mouthy Kentucky player).....