Jeremy Jackson still at WR?

Submitted by a non emu on August 26th, 2009 at 8:26 AM

It sounds like Jeremy Jackson is going to continue playing WR for Huron. The article however mentions that he is going to be playing safety as well. Not sure if he played safety for them last year. Maybe this is the new position that he was talking about?




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It also reiterates what we've heard a few times, namely that Ricardo will play TE as well as being a receiver. Interestingly, it says that he'll play the slot but doesn't mention him being a wide receiver. I wonder if that's correct. I would think that with a talent like Ricardo, you'd want him to be a deep threat too. But maybe he'll predominately play the slot since I believe his QB isn't very good so he might have difficulty getting Ricardo the ball if he's too deep.

As for Jeremy Jackson playing safety... I wouldn't want to get hit by him. I think it's a good thing for us since then he'll have a better grasp of how defenses will react to him when he's on offense since he'll have experience on the other side of the ball. Still, I expect Jackson to play TE and some receiver too when he gets here.


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why more WR's on the team aren't being used as CB. I never did play football so it's very possible that I'm missing something but it seems like the switch from WR to CB would be an easier one to make than say RB to CB. With that being a position of need you think that we could easily switch a couple of guys over - especially with the kids like Jackson coming in.


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You would be surprised. With WR, especially so in High School, the key attribute is straight line speed. Agility may not be as important. RB however has to have good balance, hips, and agility. This translates better to CB than does the skill set required of WR at the high school level. That being said, I think that a top rated WR in high school is a good enough athlete to make that switch but that is not the majority of HS WR.


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But I am just scared because the coaching staff doesn't seem to be focusing on the lack of depth in the secondary. We have what? 5 scholarship players, including the guy who just switched from RB, and 4 could play at 1 time? That just seems like it's cutting it a little close. With all the athletes that RR recruited you think that he could take 1 guy from somewhere and put him there just so that we can have more than 1 guy get injured without putting in some walk-ons.


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Like we're seeing with Teric Bell, I think some of the WRs and RBs RR has recruited will be assessed and possibly moved to the defensive side of the ball. We know they'll be able to keep up with the opposing WRs and some will just gravitate better to the defense.

What I'd love to see is Cornelious Jones (if he is truly THAT fast) move to the DB position. A DB with a quarterback mentality and that kind of speed ...


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is caused by crying baby and fuzzy brain. Good catch. And, sure, the switch from QB to corner doesn't guarantee success, but if a QB is able to combine their physical gifts with the QB mentality and take it to the other side of the ball, it certainly can be a positive.


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It's probably a little unfair to compare a high school senior's position switch to that of a college senior who's entering the NFL.

Rick Ankiel wasn't asked to switch to centerfield in the majors; he had a chance to learn in the minors before coming up to the big-time.


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I disagree with that. For starters college football players are not paid (at least they are not supposed to be). Secondly, College football is only open to those who most likely went to school in the US or Canada. The same claim could be said of College Basketball. However the NBA has the Developmental League. I think something similar in the NFL, ala NFL Europe, could work here in the US.


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I hope you understand that I don't think College Football is literally the minor league.

That being said, a "minor league" (in quotes) is essentially one function that college football serves. College Football is where players develop their talent to make it to the big leagues. Additionally, NFL teams have their own practice squads and there are random upstart leagues, CFL, AFL, USFL, and whatever other FL you want, giving you the occasional Kurt Warner.

However, MLB is very different (and much more global, but that is a different topic) that the minor league comparison to the NFL doesn't make sense and which is why you have the system in place as it is.

Now back to your regularly scheduled post about Jeremy Jackson.