Jeremy Jackson and Alex Smith

Submitted by Frank Drebin on August 25th, 2009 at 1:39 PM

With Tuesday Recruiting stating we are not a lock for Alex Smith and an official anymore, I was curious if this may be a sign that Jackson did in fact change positions to TE. Was this ever confirmed? Also, if this is true, do you think that we are set at TE and will cool on Smith?



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From what I've heard/read, I think it's looking more and more like JJ is a future TE, and it very well may have an impact on our recruitment of Smith. Plus, it sounds like Smith is more of an older style TE, like a Joppru or Ecker rather than the slightly smaller but more athletic TEs that we have on the roster now. Alex Smith is a good player, but with the young TEs we have on the roster currently and with JJ looking like a TE, that spot may be better used elsewhere.


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Even if Jackson is playing TE in High School, I don't think he's a TE, in the traditional sense, at UM. He may play slot as a big target, like you would split out a TE, but I don't think he would play with a hand on the ground like you would want in, say a two TE set or any true TE set. This also goes the same for Ricardo Miller as he's been playing some TE for Pioneer.


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not sure of the type of offense they run. just have read the initial reports that he's playing all over including TE, like Obes said.

Also, fwiw, Rivals' midwestern scout filed this report after a recent scrimmage:

WR Ricardo Miller, 6-2/208, Ann Arbor (Mich.) Pioneer
PERFORMANCE: Led Pioneer in a six-team scrimmage, recording a leaping touchdown grab and a couple of other catches in traffic.
STRENGTHS: Big, strong kid, especially in the lower body. His frame forces one to wonder if he will outgrow receiver spot and play another position, like outside linebacker or strong safety. Great attitude and very intelligent.
WEAKNESSES: Struggles getting in and out of breaks. Does not move as well as other top-rated receivers. Had a lapse of concentration by dropping a touchdown pass late in the scrimmage. - G.L.


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In my limited recruiting experience, most of the time it doesn't matter to a recruit how many other recruits of the same position are already in a class. Many of them probably think they are the best (and probably are on their high school team) and most 17 to 18 year old guys wouldn't back down from a challenge (even if it was the smart thing to do)

The obvious exception is when the recruit already in the class is a big timer (Terrelle Pryor) who gets national attention.

So no, it seems unlikely that Alex Smith's decision has anything to do with Jeremy Jackson


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But Michigan may decide not to expend another scholarship at the position, especially with talented TEs currently on the roster.

You are probably correct that Alex Smith does not care whether JJ plays TE, but Smith's offer could be revoked at any time; as it is, we have seen a few players try to commit, only to be told that they have to wait.

The question is whether Michigan would still actively recruit Smith if JJ makes a full-time move to TE.


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I kind of doubt that JJ would decommit. Considering he is Coach Jackson's son, he likely will stay committed no matter where the coaching staff wants him. His dad would probably just explain to him that the new position is where he has the most upside and could stand the best chance of getting playing time and making the NFL.

Blue in Yarmouth

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you think he would be the first player to ever play for a school other than the one his father coaches at? Or the other guy who said he has worked out there so he is 100% committed? I was asking people who actually knew about this subject to provide input and I thank Magnus et al who obviously remembered hearing the same things. FWIW, I went to HS with a lot of people and had no idea what their career aspirations were so that isn't really a selling point (for me at least) as to knowing inside info on a person. Again, thanks to those who actually gave me an informed answer.

turbo cool

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I heard there were rumors too but I agree with you that there is no chance that he goes elsewhere. Just growing up in a2 it'd be tough to jump ship when you have the opportunity to play fball at mich (that's basically the dream of 99% of the guys growing up in a2). That and his dad being a coach...


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I feel like RRod is going to load up on TEs. When he has spoken on it recently, I get the feeling he's never been able to recruit high end TE's before like he can at Michigan, and now that he can, his offensive wheels are turning in his mind.


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I think the TE question is a good measuring stick for RR as a coach. The ability to adapt your scheme to your personnel, the ability to innovate and adjust, I think separates the incredible coaches from the very good ones. Pete Carroll and Urban Meyer have proven themselves as elite amongst the coaching ranks for this reason. It is largely regarded that this year, the TE position is one of the most deep and talented on the squad with Koger and Webb. With a QB in the fold who can now get our TE's the ball and freak athletes at TE, the responsibility for our TE success, I think, lands solely on the scheme.

If RR is able to feasibly adapt his scheme to effectively use our TE's this year, it will be a matchup nightmare for defenses. If he succeeds in involving the TE in his offense, I would expect to see TE recruiting ramp up in the coming years. If he fails to do so with the incredible bevy of talent he has there, I believe TE recruiting will just fizzle out.

RR has innovated at every stop that he's made on the path to coaching at U of M. I expect Michigan to be no different.


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but if any of this is over jj changing his high school postion ... i doubt he will play TE this yr ... his team runs the veer and he is a playmaker so qb or rb would make since ... fwiw i hated guarding the veer in high school


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i happen to know him personally. i go to huron. he doesnt even play tight end for our team and not nearly big enough to be playing TE for any big ten school, or any michigan high school. hes playing WR. period. end of story. thats it. finito. conclusion. good luck and godspeed.


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Double post. Sorry.

EDIT: I personally did not write anything on this thread. I do not go to Huron. I go to Michigan. I'm home for the summer and stay logged into this account. Apparently, my brother and his friend, who are both seniors at Huron and know Jeremy fairly well, wrote this. I do not know Jeremy well and do not pretend to know anything about whether or not he is changing positions to tight end. However, I do wonder why so many people are making such a big deal about a Facebook post which, as far as I am aware, has been deleted from the page. Also, I question why such a big deal is being made about a Facebook post period, as it is far from being a credible source of information.


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It will be interesting to see if he does end up moving there when he gets to Michigan. We do have a plethora of outside wide receivers so he could move there to get a better chance at playing time.


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One of Jeremy's best friends said he would go elsewhere if they wanted him to play TE. He wasn't always a lock to play at Michigan - he just spent a lot of time with the team because his dad's a coach, just like any of us would do. But he was seriously considering other schools before committing.


August 28th, 2009 at 4:01 PM ^

Jeremy will not play tight end. if they want him to play tight end he will decommit im 100% certain his dad's behind him with whatever school he decides to go to