Jeremy Gallon NFL prospects

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If you’re like me, then there was a point in Jeremy Gallon’s career when I was certain that he had no shot at making an NFL roster. Especially after seeing him muff punts like that’s what he was taught to do and realizing that he’s not fast at all. Now, after watching his career steadily trend upward for the past 3 years, do you think he has a shot at a sustained career in the NFL or even better does he get drafted in the first 2 days? I look at players in the NFL like Wes Welker, Danny Amendola, and think Gallon can do what these guys are doing. I also realize that Welker is putting together a Hall of Fame career so I am certainly not comparing the 2 at this point. It also helps that these guys have 2 of the greatest QBs in history throwing to them, but what does the board think of his draft prospects and subsequent career projection?



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Gallon isn't a player that will go higher than the 6th round or so (if drafted at all as we sometimes forget how few CAN BE drafted). That said, he can certainly make an NFL team when I agree and will go so far as calling him a bust even after Hoke's first year. Maybe not bust but not what I thought we had out of HS. Small but he was much slower than his tape looked and still is. Yet, over time he developed the swiftness, quickness and shifting ability he flashed in his HS tape. Then, he decided he'd be 5-8 but play like he was 6-3, lol. So, yeah, I think he could certainly play in the league. Drafted? Late, if at all.

San Diego Mick

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The best thing that happened for him was Hoke becoming coach, it allowed him to showcase his talents. He might not be tall or super fast, but WR's at Michigan need to be able to block, run good routes and be tough in general for this staff.

The guy has good hop, great hands, runs well after the catch and is hard to bring down cause of his stocky build, I bet Tom Brady would love to have a guy like Gallon on his team, Jeremy would be able to catch a lot of passes if that was the case.

He might not get drafted high, but he has a chance to catch over 70 or 80 passes IMO and over 1,000 yds receiving this season. Someone will draft him in the middle rounds and he will definitely be playing on Sundays, he's got a lot of talent and ability.


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I read plenty of articles on the current UM players projections in 14 draft, so forgive me for not knowing the source of the one that discussed Gallon, but there was a 3rd round grade on him in that article.

I wasn't surprised. He has elite hands and route running ability.


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of the Carolina Panthers.  Guy has had a great career as an outside receiver and is 5'9.  While he is the exception to the rule, I think Gallon can be as well. 


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Not like Amendola or Welker who are both slot type guys.  More "like" Steve Smith of the Panthers.  He's definitely shining now.  Again, some players will produce better under different circumstances and this current one is great for Gallon.  How many players didn't really cut it at Michigan, leave for a year or two and then get drafted?  I think our recent Mr. Cox is a great example.


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There is always room for a guy who runs crisps routes and catches everything in the general vicinity. Hell yes the kid can be a pro. He will get drafted late because of the measurables, but will play a while because of the things you can't put a number on.


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I suspect he will get drafted in the late rounds or not at all.  His size and lack of speed will make teams leery of drafting him.  He is a great player and he does everything asked of him at  the college level, but that doesn't always translate to an NFL career.


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It confirms the statement that he'll get drafted late or not at all. In your comment, I assumed you were indirectly disagreeing with that. In retrospect, that may have been a stupid assumption on my part, but nonetheless, your comment does further the thought that his draft stock is relatively low.


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It also seems like you're suggesting that height and speed are the only factors for where a WR is drafted.  You suggested that if he has average speed and below average height, then he'll be drafted late.  I don't follow that logic. 

Gallon has great hands, great ball skills, and runs great routes.  He has great hops and very good run after the catch skills.  I'm not saying he's a first rounder, but I am saying that you can't predict a WR's draft spot based on size and speed alone.


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No, you cannot predict how well a reciever will perform or where they'll get drafted purely based on height and speed alone. However, it still does play a significant role. I'd imagine GMs are more interested in players with superior speed or height attributes even if they may be a little lacking in other skills (i.e. - hands, route running, hops, etc...) when compared to Gallon. Skills can be improved on, height, and for the most part, speed, cannot. Why risk a high to mid draft pick on someone who is most likely going to be outmatched by NFL dbs?

As we know, especially with Mr.Brady, where you are drafted doesn't necessarily have anything to do with success. That's why I don't mean Gallon any offense when I say that IMO, he's not going to be a big name in this year's draft.

Brown Bear

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I can't remember the guys name but an NFL draft analyst was on a Chicago radio show yesterday and they asked him who after two weeks has made him think they might be better than projected before the season and he said Jeremy Gallon. I can't remember what his name was but he was from a major media outlet. Damn early morning brain failing me.


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He's about the same size as guys like Ace Sanders and Tavon Austin, not as fast, but Gallon can jump like he's 6'-2". I think he gets drafted in the 2-4th round if he keeps these numbers up.


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Brady and the Patriots need someone who an catch the ball and runs great routes... I the new age of the nfl, he's gonna be a great slot receiver


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I think Jeremy plays better/bigger than his measurables. He finds ways to get open and is very good in space. Seems like at least a marginal NFL guy to me.


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Stedman Bailey.  Both are smallish WR who plays bigger than their size and is more of a outside WR.  Doesn't have explosive speed but has nice quickness and suddeness to get open in route running. Very good hands to make catches in traffic. 

Bailey got drafted at 3rd round by the Rams.  If Gallon can continue his production, I think he'll get drafted at 4th round range IMO.

Space Coyote

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I think a lot of people in this thread are claiming he doesn't have good speed, which seems odd. He certainly isn't a burner, but he's got just as good speed as most WRs that enter the NFL draft. He's also extremely quick in and out of cuts, despite not being extremely quick with the ball in his hands. 

Lack of height and elite top end speed will drop him, and he may be moved around a bit in the NFL, likely to the slot eventually. But I think between 4-6 is the right range if he keeps up his production, with round 5, as you said, being the most likely.

Space Coyote

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This guy burned Alabama and South Carolina for 100+ yards. There is a reason he gets wide open on his hitch routes. Do you all see the cushion he is given by ELITE cover corners?

True Blue Grit

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he's a great leaper and is one of the best I've ever seen at making adjustments to the ball.  Oh, and he's also got excellent hands.  I'd definitely say Gallon will be drafted and will make a team's roster.