Jeremy Clark news (Joining 2012 class)

Submitted by Gobluegr on October 23rd, 2011 at 6:04 PM
Rivals has a headline saying that he is not greyshirting and his local newspaper said this "North Hopkins senior cornerback Jeremy Clark will join the University of Michigan a year earlier than originally scheduled. Instead of greyshirting as part of the incoming 2013-14 class, Clark will suit up next fall. Clark has five TDs this season."... Does anyone have news on this? Edit: he is joining the 2012 class



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A bit of a shock, given the fact that we lead for more 4 and 5 stars than we can take at this point, and this wont help that... but I trust the coaches on this one. 

Mr. Yost

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Exactly, we'll be fine...Floyd should be back as a RS Senior, I would've thought going into the season he wouldn't get that 5th year, but he's earned it for sure.

Floyd and Countess will be the starters. Avery will be the 3rd CB...newsflash to those going nuts over losing Brown. That's our lineup RIGHT NOW! Woolfolk is hurt, that's your top 3. Plus Raymon Taylor has gotten experience, we have Richardson, Standifer and hopefully Wright coming in this class. Hollowell is going to factor in there as a RS Freshman. The future looks bright, I'm finally not worried about our back 7.

I'm worried about finding a couple pass rushers.


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I'm still a bit confused if this is a good thing or a bad thing - as I understand it if you Greyshirt you either don't enroll in college right away or pay your own tution the first year...was he considering switching to another school if Michigan wasn't willing to take him as part of the 2012 class?


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wow he played so well the coaches now want to give him a scholly to be on the team asap. see that says a lot about this kid he was so happy to get the gray shirt offer but still went out every friday in kentucky and played without fear of injury or losing his grey shirt to actually get a full ride nice work kid and welcome to the university of michigan


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Is there any chance that the staff wants him as a WR? Half of his 2010 film is him playing wideout and although he doesn't seem like a burner we are hell bent on taking two pass catchers. Unlikely considering our position with true WR recruits, but still a possibility.


October 24th, 2011 at 11:04 AM ^

At 6'4 200lbs, he seems like a great switch to WR - especially with the possilbiltiy of Yuri joining this class as well, along with the questionable commits of Payton and Darboh.  6'4" makes a nice redzone target, and if his 40 times are legit, he could cause some serious damage at the WR spot.  But either way, I like what I see on his tape - and obviously the coaches do too.


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Star ratings aside, this kid has put up more production than almost any kid in our 2012 class.  Strength of competition, I know I know.  But he's got size, athleticism, and he's shown he can put it together on the field.  I'm very happy with this. 


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Good for Clark.

I know The M staff was very upfront with him and grey shirting, but I'd rather not be the school that goes down that path frequently. Its a very les miles thing to do.


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I am more excited about this kid than most 4 stars cause this kid gets it. He has earned every part of this opportunity that the Michigan coaches have gave him. I really think this kid is a diamond in the rough and could be a 2 or 3 year started for us in the future. No way this star lets this opportunity slip through his hands he will make the most of this and surprise every one who doubted him ( not this board just in general)