Jerald Ingram: Potential Fred Jackson Successor?

Submitted by Coastal Elite on January 24th, 2014 at 2:43 PM

While he's not yet as ancient or geriatric as Jordan Morgan, the day is no doubt coming when Fred Jackson will retire. I noticed that the NY Giants recently fired their long-time RB coach Jerald Ingram, a former Michigan running back. I don't know too much about Ingram's coaching career in the college ranks (aside from what's available on his Wikipedia page), but it couldn't hurt recruiting to have a two-time Super Bowl-winning RB coach on the staff.

Maybe someone who's a more avid follower of the Giants could shed some light on Ingram's tenure there and whether he'd be a good fit at Michigan?



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Fire ants notwithstanding, most of us liked Mike Hart when he was our RB.  Because you are a good RB, doesn't necessarily make you a good coach and recruiter.  Have you ever seen an evaluation of Hart's coaching abilities and his ability to recruit?


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Poor Fred Jackson.  Years and years of undeniable loyalty and love for all things Michigan, loved by players, survivor of several regime changes and generally considered to be a pretty damn good coach and and top notch recruiter and then BAM - Borges happens and everybody seems to want Fred to hurry up and retire already.


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coming from? He's always been a good recruiter and seems like we've had some good runningbacks under him. The run-game issues of late are seemingly independent of Jackson as a coach. 

Edit: I loved Mike Hart's intensity and confidence (borderline cockyness) as a player. Maybe we're projecting these traits on what we want on RBs to be?


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I believe people (not necessarily OP) were projecting the failures of the OL this year onto the RBs and therefore Jackson.  These same people may have expected Green to look better than he did, too.  I don't say this as a shot at those posters, though I do not see a need to replace Jackson myself. 


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I think a lot of it is from the people who are parroting Brian. Brian has said in a few posts, that UM (and Fred Jackson by extention), haven't developed any running backs since Chris Perry.

So then people take that, escalate it, and along with the fact that the last few guys Jackson has vouched for (Rawls, Johnson) haven't panned out, and the Board gets multiple "Fred Jackson leaving?!?!"


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Michigan's RBs were flat out awful at blitz pickups this year, and this hasn't been a strength apart from Vincent Smith for awhile. I'd have to put that on coaching - it seems like something that can and must be taught - though I'm not positive Jackson is responsible for that aspect of RB play.


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This is to say that we do not need to talk about his replacement.


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Running game sucks, that's probably more than a fair share of the reason why Ingram got canned. RBs have been bleh since 2011, but then again the OL has been awful (sounds familiar?!?)

Willis Ward

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borderline cockyness?  Borderline?  Kid is number two behind Harbaugh as all time cockyest player at Michigan.  Not that I have a problem with either of them.

Whenever Fred goes, I want Wheatley.


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Another Giants fan here, running game is atrocious recently but none of that can be blamed on Ingram. He was always a good coach and did great work with Coughlin in fixing fumbling issues. I'd say Tiki Barber progressed after he came over in 2004 and then figured out a way to make Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw and Derrick Ward considered a deadly combination. The Giants have always been pretty balanced and had successful rushing games up until this year really so he's definitely done something right...


But, then again, the OL had been amazing for the stretch.


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Pretty confident that Ty Wheatley will be the next running backs coach. Sam Webb did an interview with him a while back and he wants to come back to Ann Arbor. However, I am starting to think that Freddie would rather die on the sidelines than retire.

Victor Valiant

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Fred Jackson should go out on his own accord assuming the running game rebounds to a respectable level over the next couple years. He's done so much for the program and been such a fixture in it's past glory that unless we can quantify very accurately that he is doing a job that is substandard to what his possible replacement could do, he should stay. It's really that simple.


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Not speaking of the OP necessarily, but why do so many here treat the naming of Fred Jackson's replacement treated as this monumental event? It's a position coach, and probably the least important one on the staff.