Jehuu Caulcrick admits that he and his teammates took money while at MSU

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Jehuu Caulcrick ‏@JehuuCaulcrick 9m
I don't understand y everyone is making a big deal over Arian Foster saying he got money while he was in college. News flash We all did.



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Ugh. On the one hand, there's some serious Sparty-Freude here. 

On the other, there are times I am wary to jump on the graves of other programs, because you never know what dirt might come out of your own. All it takes is one guy...


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if he was actually referring to the completely NCAA-legal stipend money he got, and he is too stupid to realize the difference between illegal funds and what he got. that would be classic STAEE


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Stanley McClover flat out admitted to Real Sports with Bryant Gumble in 2011 that he accepted a cash payment from an MSU booster during a recruiting visit, and the NCAA did nothing. Don't expect anything to come of this either. MSU is too small of a program for the NCAA or the national press to waste their time with.


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The only thing I remember about Jehu Caulcrick was Valenti's rant: "Jehu Caulcrick was a bowling ball! Notre Dame didn't want any part of him! Yet Javon Ringer saw all the carries in the second half! EXPLAIN IT!"

Stephen Y

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How long ago did he graduate?  Does the statute of limitations apply?  I see a trend coming of former players admitting to benefits after the statutes of limitations pass.


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embezzelment scandal at an MSU booster club a couple years, money missing as in thousands of dollars.  Kind of got swept under the rug, I'm sure this was the source.


I personally do not believe a single D1 program is clean with regards to giving extra benefits to athletes.  Too many nice cars, nice clothes, nice gagets.