Jeff Goodman: Burke Gone

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Commence misery.


Update: His Dad says he hasn't declared:


Benji Burke @Benjib10

Trey Burke has not declared for the NBA draft. He is still enrolled at the University of Michigan.


But all that means is he hasn't declared yet.  Slight hope, but still, misery.


San Diego Mick

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I hear Tate is gonna try the CFL, inside family info, good luck Tate, all you have to study now is the playbook.

As far as Trey possibly going pro, I think it would be a major mistake and he would benefit by staying one more year and building his stock and body and becoming a higher draft pick which would force any team drafting him to be more invested than not.

Stay in school Trey, don't be hasty.


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FUCK: I just SHAT myself at work. I know I'm supposed to be happy for the kid, but I am pissed. Good luck Bruke.

Per Goodman: 'The Wolverines would have been a Final Four contender next season with Burke back and a highly regarded freshman class coming to Ann Arbor.'


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but has the foregone conclusion that he is gone in the article's body... so who the fuck knows what's going on?

While I think this is yet another premature departure by a Wolverine, what do I know?  I hope Burke rocks the NBA if he does leave, but I have my doubts.

Question, and do not mean to over-stir the pot, but is there something that Bielein is doing that is driving our better players away???


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We aren't used to it yet because we are not a power program in basketball and haven't been in nearly 20 years. Beilein's plan is going along wonderfully and I have the utmost confidence we will be a player in the Big Ten for years to come, but quit acting like we are Kentucky or UNC and reloading our one-and-dones with next year's crop of one-and-done phenoms. At this stage in our program losing Burke is huge and we have no one committed or on the roster that is capable of playing half the point Trey does. We have Spike Albrecht as our likely contingency plan, and no disrespect to him but UK or UNC or Kansas or any true power would not be running out Spike as the starting point guard. We just aren't on their level yet, man.

Mr. Robot

April 4th, 2012 at 3:11 PM ^

One step forward and two steps back. Why isn't the basketball team allowed to keep its head above water? Football and hockey have been doing it for decades.

Good luck to Trey, but man, I wish he'd come back for another year. Never saw him as a one-and-done. I think he can use that extra year as much as the team can.

Maize and Blue…

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can we stop these BS posts.  He hasn't even gotten his evaluation back yet so ignor it all until you hear the words out of the horses mouth.  Lots of people are getting a lot of page hits despite not hearing one thing from the man who will ultimately make the decision.

Maize and Blue…

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nothing about the report.  Unless Goodman talked to Trey and Trey told him he was gone it's pure speculation.  Since Trey's own father doesn't know about it I would say it is a BS report, but that doesn't mean it can't/won't become reality.  The thing I was trying to emphasize is that until Trey talks these post are nothing but hunches, guesses, and maybes.

Trey has until late April to make his decision and I don't know how the advisory board could actually let him know approximately where he'll be picked until they know exactly who is coming out.  Whatever his decision I wish him nothing but the best.  If he goes I just hope he doesn't get drafted in the second round and then sent down.  It would be hard to give up a U of M education to make D league pay.


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"according to sources, is expected"

We have no credible sources and they EXPECT him to leave as opposed to they KNOW he is going to leave. I see nothing definitive about this article.

Sac Fly

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This guy is just trying to be the first to break the news. If he is wrong he can blame his unnamed sources, and if he is right he is all knowing. It's basic internet reporting.


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I blame Beilein, how can you continuously allow your top players to leave after 1 or 2 seasons? Burke will be a 2nd round pick, just like the rest of them. I just don't understand how he can allow this to happen. Well, time to watch our incredibily talented basketball team next year underachieve with no PG.


April 4th, 2012 at 3:35 PM ^

Possibly give his guys some good advice? UNC's players didn't go through an advisery commitee. They talked to their coach. Roy knew that they were lotto picks and should go. I just find it incredibly frustrating that these kids are leaving to the NBA before they are ready. It is their decision, yes. A lot of talented freshman returned for their sophomore seasons last season and improved their draft stock.