Jeff Goodman: Burke Gone

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Commence misery.


Update: His Dad says he hasn't declared:


Benji Burke @Benjib10

Trey Burke has not declared for the NBA draft. He is still enrolled at the University of Michigan.


But all that means is he hasn't declared yet.  Slight hope, but still, misery.



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You're right. My sources tell me that once the season was over, Belien said "fuck it!" and strolled out of his office, quote: "like a pimp", completely abandoning all his basketball responsibilities. You are obviously right because you seem to know about this situation as much as my sources do.

Mr. Rager

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This decision is equivalent to taking a loaded gun into your place of work and pointing it at people.  Completely moronic and career ending.  


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I'm not saying that Goodman is wrong or has misinformed sources but this article screams ignorance to me. There is no way in hell that Eso Akunne is our starting PG next year or even plays significant minutes for that matter. Also, as good as Trey Burke is, he is not good enough to take a team from Final 4 material to "fringe top 25" with his departure as the author suggests. Goodman may be correct and Burke may be leaving but this article shows how little this guy actually know about UM hoops.

these wolverines

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Cant be mad at him for wanting to fulfil a dream, but the draft class is gonna be so deep i hope he will get drafted. The PG who just won a championship Marquis Teague who is a beast, some mocks dont have him going till the 26th pick.


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What's are backup plan if burke indeed goes pro. I hear the spike albrecht rumors but is he good enough to start? I have my doubts. Anyone think we can get Trey Zeigler to consider a transfer here or has that ship sailed?


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People need to understand that this an absolutely terrible point guard class this year, and NBA teams like to draft kids as young as possible. It would be hard to repeat Burkes season next year when he has more "scorers" on his team like GRIII and Mitch McJesus. Also, Burke saw what happened to Jared Sullinger's draft stock by staying another year.


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...I cannot remember seeing a school with such a mediocre postseason resume lose so many players early to the draft when they were not surefire first round picks.  Manny, D Morris and now Burke would be crazy.  

I didn't mind CWebb, Jalen and Juwan leaving early.  They were projected to be lottery picks before and after enrolling here and took us to Final Fours and Elite Eights.  I just feel like it's so little bang for the buck when we bring in good players and they leave early before the team can reap the benefit of their talent with a deep NCAA run.


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but going to the draft right now is STUPID. Him leaving would cripple this team going into the 2013 season and he is simply not ready to play in the pros. This is something that is beyond dumb. He needs to stay another year.


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This is becoming a neg bang thread.  That needs to stop.  These are discussion boards.  With that said, to those people: Burke was mr. basketball ohio so expectations were high.  Morris was drafted (rd. 2, 41 overall). He now resides in the D-league, that is not the NBA. Thats like saying a minor leaguer is in the MLB.  And yes, this is a bad thing for michigan recruiting.  We dont recruit the type of one and done players.  So for these guys with mediocre draft stock to leave so early hurts our post season runs and the image of the program for producing nba ready players.  Crawford was the last product that made it in the NBA.  Top talent stays for 2-3 years because their stock wont decrease and they develop into lottery picks.  Thats the goal.


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Can someone post Bo's speech on 'The Team, The Team, The Team'? I think Bo makes several good points. Those who stay will be Champions. That is all.


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Honestly though, I'm not going to berate him and say how much I hate Trey Burke now....

But, I really feel bad for him... I feel bad for him that his support structure has led him to believe that leaving a wonderful University for a shitty shot at an NBA draft is a good idea...


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...when it is decided either way, whether or not I agree with the decision or the reasoning. I would love for him to stay, develop as a player and maybe get the degree, but I am also willing to shake his hand and say "thank you for playing for us" if he does in fact  leave. For the time being, until there is resolution, I sort of feel like this saga is...well....


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So Burke can leave his name in but withdraw on April 29 ? As long as he doesn't officially hire an agent there's still a chance he may return ?


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Looks like we will need to scour the Ncaa for a point guard transfer. Sad that we can't get more than two years out of our good players. Burke is a great talent and I Wish him the best but this reminds me of Manny and Darius and both of them are D leaguers/ bench warmers.....both without degrees I believe. That's sad for them and UofM. Everybody loses. Why is there not a full court press on Zeigler Beilein????!!!!!