Per Jeff Ermann (inside MD sports), UNC offered spot in B1G

Submitted by orobs on February 19th, 2013 at 2:02 PM
Ermann was one of the the first that called the Rutgers/maryland move, so this isn't complete random speculation. @insidemdsports: Big 10 talk buzzing again. #UVA being mentioned often as likely to join. Georgia Tech still in the mix. #UNC, the big domino, has an offer.


PB-J Time

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I don't know that would be true. Why do you think they're connected? The "powers that be" might say NC State is tied @ the hip to UNC, but I don't think a private school is "tied" to UNC. Of course Duke is AAU so it isn't out of the realm of possiblity, but I just don't see it. The B1G now wants flagship schools that will bring in the whole state (& between Charlotte and the triangle, that would be a lot of people)

Also, chief rivalry has not been important as far expansion has been concerned recently. Nebraska-Oklahoma, Texas-TAMU, Missouri-Kansas, 'Cuse-UCONN, Pitt-WVU, Rutgers-...OK you got me there, but you get my point. 


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I don't understand the fascination with UVA.  I appreciate that the school has top notch academics, but I'm looking at TV markes.  Maryland already gives you Baltimore-DC, which includes the densely populated northern Virginia area,  Strictly from the TV market perspective, UVA adds little.

Seems to me that NC and Georgia Tech would be a better fit if TV markets are your overriding goal.  The other possibility is that 16 teams is not where it is stopping.

I know it is a long shot, but does anyone here see a school in Florida that the B1G might be able to sway?  Florida is an AAU school, but I highly doubt they would ever leave the SEC.  


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The state og Georgia is Georgia's territory, GT (great academic school) offers little in terms of market or fan base.  UVA has been mediocre in terms of athletic results, but it is a good academic school and has a very strong alumni base across the north east.  I think with Rutgers, Maryland, PSU, Michigan and UVA the B1G definitely takes control of the Northeast US (yes, people there do pay less attention to collegiate athletics).  I am still pissed about ND, f'em


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GaTech is a strong academic school as well, and yes, Georgia is definitely the school, probably followed by Alabama/Auburn in the state of Georgia.  However, what exactly did Rutgers add in terms of fanbase?  Georgia Tech is a strategic location... pretty much the capital of the south.  If the move for Rutgers/Maryland made sense to B1G officials, I'd say the move for Georgia Tech makes sense.


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which is average, is that basically one school will not get you the NYC market (i.e. Rutgers), but many schools, such as Michigan have large alumni bases there. I know UNC does, and if UVA does as well, it might increase the number of people in the area demanding the BTN. That and lacrosse. Always lacrosse.


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I would love to see USF join and play in Michigan's division.  Michigan would get a trip to Florida every two years, the recruiting footprint would be bigger, and USF would make a great tomato can.

Sadly, USF Is too new for the Big Ten.  Old money only need apply.

The Baughz

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You guys are funny. UNC would be foolish to chain themselves to Duke? That makes sense. Their rivalry is equivalent to Michigan and OSU, just in a different sport. Would we all be ok if osu left the Big Ten and we only played them in an OOC game? Didnt think so. UNC will never leave Duke. The ACC just added Lville, Syracuse, ND and Pitt. Do you really think UNC, a true hoops school, would leave that conference? The ACC conference will dominate hoops in years to come and I dont care if all this realignment is fueled by football and money, UNC will stay put. Those schools will help generate enough money for everyone to be happy.

The Baughz

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Who said the ACC was suppose to dominate this year? Nobody. The ACC is bringing in Lville and Syracause, which are two great programs. The Big Ten has not been consistently dominant in bball like this year, and they bring in Rutgers and Maryland. I say advantage ACC. Could the Big Ten continue to be this good? Absolutely. But in my opinion, I think the ACC will be the best hoops conf in the years to come. The whole point to this is that UNC will stay put. I dont really care which bball conf dominates, I just dont see UNC ever leaving the ACC. 


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It's not like Iowa and Minnesota are worth a squirt if piss academically either. And MSU is not elite. He'll, even ohio is pretty mediocre. Its hard to argue that the largest university is hard to get in to.


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Apparently you are NOT taking into account the MOST important factor.  Rutger's new football helmets are WAY KOOL.  Total win.  That alone is worth having them in the conference.  If you don't know what I mean, google image them... I'd add a link or pic here but what do I know about fancy computer things.


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UNC, UVA, GT, VT, whatever. At this point, the B1G should just go for world domination.

Might as well poach the whole ACC while we're at it as a gift to Notre Dame


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GT & VT > Maryland and Rutgers, in all regards.  Boy, I am sure glad we added those two powers first to get all that "TV money"... if the cable model still exists the next time a Big 10 TV deal is signed. 

Jim Delany: "Cable money is much more important than either football relevance or academic prominence."



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Although this constant expansion is annoying.  I actaully like adding UNC a lot.  They're a great academic institution, new area/market, great basketball tradition, they have a football team.  Plus it would annoy the hell out of Duke.  Which would be entertaining.

turd ferguson

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I agree.  I kind of like the idea of adding UNC, and since the most important thing to me is adding good football programs, I've felt weird about liking that idea.

I think UNC has potential as a football program, and it's one of those programs that probably really would improve if it joined the Big Ten.  There's also a good amount of talent in that part of the country, so it'd be nice to open up those recruiting areas a bit.

PB-J Time

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If it happens (and boy does it look like it will), let it be Carolina blue! (Add UVA and we have all the great state schools not in Cali), plus actually good sports