Jeff DEEEEEEEFrans strong dislike of RR

Submitted by MacombBLUE on April 28th, 2010 at 4:54 PM

The guy seems to literally takes joy in talking about the potential demise of RR. Listeneing just now, he is almost gleeful in discussing alleged discussion of Michigan firing RR in August in exchange to thwart possible sanctions and bans against the program.

Then Copey comes in with a level head saying it is HIGHELY unlikely that would ever happen, especially so close to the season. DeFran is like 'OH, It's a throw away season" and "your looking too far into the future". You've GOT TO look into the future.

Anyway, DeeeeFran tries to reach so far in his anti-RR propoganda that he comes off very inobjective and transparent in his bias against him.

It's all going to come down to WINS and LOSSES This season. Simple as that.



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Why does anyone spend time talking about sports talk radio on this board? It's fucking miserable. "OMG, BOB BOBSON at WPPZ just said RR is a meanie and a bad coach"  I don't want to hear about it. No one wants to hear about it. Don't spread that crap. We all have our own opinions on this board, and most of us support our football coach.


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It is miserable.  And for those of us who do not live (and have a driving commute) in Michigan it is also downright baffling.  These posts always assume you are on a first-name or nickname basis with the particular regional radio personality in question. I never am.  It is worse on the Scout board, where everyday someone runs to the mob for solace, complaining about what so and so was just saying on the radio.  It is probably my least favorite category of post.


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I don't have a problem with someone talking about radio, just label the post "OT". I have been bored enough that I have read some OT posts that were absolutely ridiculous. This is not as bad as some, but worse than others. Putting that point aside, I can't stand listening to Jeff DeFran. I change the radio station. I also e-mailed the station director at WTKA to let them know that I won't listen in that time slot if DeFran is on. I support WTKA because of Sam Webb and because they are the local broadcaster for U of M sporting events. I want them to succeed so I can continue to listen to football and hockey games when I can't be there. I love it when I get out of work and turn the radio on in the car and Brian is on.


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...but it is always good to know who is badmouthing UM and RR so that we can make learned decisions on whether, for example, to boycott those people.  As the old saying goes: "keep your friends close and your enemies closer."


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How about this technique for knowing when to boycott:

Boycott everyone, until you hear someone is good.


Example: I don't listen to any sports radio, but someone tells me Sam Webb is worth a listen. So I listen and voila I didn't have to listen to any mindless rumbling.


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Great for you. Really.

But I realize I can't live in a vacuum. Of course there will be negative talk about Michigan...especially right now. He has his negtive opinion. Fine. No issues. I just find it humorous about how happy he sounds in relaying negative press, almost like a "I toooold you soooo".


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Soooo...why did you just spend time talking about sports talk radio on this board then?

Why feel the need to get on your soap box? Yeah, he has his opinions, I have mmine. That's what this board is for. I just simply chose to bring up how joyful he is in his message.

Feel free to sjip these threads then if it'll make your lifeeasier. Thanks.


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Then, like people will tell me to change the station....don't read the thread.

Sorry if you think there is no place for a thread about a Michigan radio hosts comments and joy in them. If you don't think there should be and it's THAT much of an issue, just tell Brian to make a rule stating that these threads are not allowed so they don't become a thread about how you don't like them.


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I think giving useless crap it's own post highlights that thee is still alot of ills and negativity being thrown towards this program and can shed light on the inner-workings of what's really going on.

Understand something. Defran is not just voicing and opinion. He's CARRYING OUT AN AGENDA. I think it is important that people recognize this.


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But you hear the same guys all the time.


Everyone's entitled to their opinion - except Defran.


Ok... Rosenburg doesn't get to voice his either.


NOTE:  Sarcasm on display here... just my opinion... wait I shouldn't have one either...  LoL


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as the 'unofficial voice' of University of Michigan sports. It is a maize and blue radio station; one would think that any voiced negativity would at the very least be objective and constructive. Defran is more of a poison than anything else. I wonder what David Brandon's opinion of him would be...?


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All November and December DeFran was citing his UM sources as saying RR would be fired in January. I think even the biggest RR haters probably knows that he has zero credibility on this issue.


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Hey Macomb, sports radio guys don't get paid to know about sports, the get paid to get people to listen and talk about the show.  I don't even know who this guy is, but it worked on you.  You hate him so much that you're giving him publicity on a highly-read sports blog. 

The reality of it is that unless you're winning national championships, someone will be talking about you getting fired.  Throw in some NCAA violations and it's a sure thing.  Until UM starts winning the Big Ten again, don't expect this to change. 


April 28th, 2010 at 5:35 PM ^

Lol, I know how it works. I WORK in radio myself.

I am just bringing up his obvious agenda on a Michigan-centric board.

It's not schtick either. The guy really has it out against RR and will do what he can on a public forum to get his views across.

Apologies if this has rubbed somany people the wrong way, but I figure it is timely considering what's been going on and EVERYBODYs distaste for the Rosenbergs, Sharp's, etc.


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What's this guy going to say if Rodriguez stays? At least people on message boards can change their user names, Defran can't just get a new reputation over night. Same goes with all of the local media. 

They're painting themselves into a rhetorical pickle, either they eat crow and lose credibility or they stick to their guns that Rodriguez is a jerk and they'll never be able to get aligned with him.

I'm not saying not to report on legitimate news stories, but haven't these guys ever heard of plausible deniability?


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Defran is incapable of analytical thinking.  His arguments (if you can call them that) are nonsensical and poorly thought out.  I find it is so frustrating to listen to him that I often turn the station over to Valenti.  I hate Valenti as well, but at least the dude has a sense of humor and some cognitive ability.  

Twisted Martini

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He's the only one I listen to on college football.  He's funny, fairly objective, and has forgotten more about God's own sport then all of these local jerk-offs put together.


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the sound of his own voice too much.  He loves to spout off about how he has "inside information" and contacts "close" to the situation.  He proves the exception to the rule on the 1st Amendment.  Yes, everyone has a right to say what they want, short of threatening someone's life, but knuckleheads like DeFran like to get others going by trying to make opinions sound like facts.

I have yet to hear him "report" anything.  He's basically a radio "columnist" filling a slot where WTKA seems to be short on talent".  I'm surprised Copey doesn't go off on him about the BS he spews.  I learned to not turnon WTKA on Wednesdays and Thursdays after DeFran's rant in the winter.


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Has replaced waterboarding in favor of a 24 hour loop with the "best of Jeff DeFran" over the loud speakers. Homeland Security states the suicide rate in the prison is up but the color coded terror advisory is between blue and green.


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So I'm not mistaken, aside from my spelling errors which have left some of you feeling sore, some of you have never and will never bring up or particpate in a thread about a writer, reporter or hosts opinions and/or comments that are timely and pertain to the subject that this web-site and board are based on?

The next time someone blatantly cuts the program or exhibits bias against it, I'm not supposed to bring it up with fellow fans on this board? Does this also apply to positive opinions?

Nobody had an opinion or wrote something here about Rosenberg, Sharp, Birckett, etc.?

I assume, since some ofyou have made your point, you will never feel the need to particpate in an open message board and thread about similar subjects.


April 28th, 2010 at 6:32 PM ^

The point is that this thread has been done to death. Media personnel bashing RR is a tired topic. We have heard it all before. Unless it's Tom Brokaw back for a special assignment on RR, or Geraldo opening a secret vault RR buried deep underneath the 50 yd line of the Big House, or RR acting as a guest host for Conan in which he interviews Scarlet Johanssen, we dont really care anymore. In other words, we DO care if it is something unusual. Your rant was nothing unusual. 


April 28th, 2010 at 6:40 PM ^

How am I or others supposed to know what has been done to death? What does "done to death" even mean specifically? Furthermore, should we care you don't want to see it?

Simply put, the things that are said from people like DeFran are indictative of what is around this program and unfortuanely that it is not letting up. Like it or not, it is a snap shot on the reality of where the program is right now and that has an affect on all involved.

Easy solution, DON'T READ IT. You spend time reading about and posting about a thread you don't want to see. WTF? Skip it! There are 1,000 other threads to peak your interest. Hey look. There's one about Warren not being drafted. I'm sure your thoughts there will be insightful and welcomed.