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August 15th, 2017 at 9:47 PM ^

So the grandmother thought that it was more important for her to be close to the grandson vs. allowing him to select a school that may have been a better fit for him athletically and academically.  Unless he lived at her home and was her primary care-giver, I think that may have been a tad selfish on her part, and unfortunatley, it did not workout so far.


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First, UT is a good school and a good program - I'm sure the young man would do fine at either place. Second, we do not know what was going on within the family and we're not in place to judge. In any case, I wouldn't call someone's grandmother a bitch just because she wants to be close - especially someone you might want to transfer to your school.


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Thank you for this. I had a couple of friends that were highly recruited and they said it was just as hard to tell the coaches you had built a strong relationship with no as it was to actually commit. Grandma could've volunteered to be the scapegoat for all we know.

Calling someones grandma a bitch over something that none of us know shit about is ridiculous.


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UT is a great school. But maybe it was a little too much for him. His speed may be more MSU-like rather than a school thats on par with Michigan. Im not calling the kid stupid just saying a school like UT can be too much when trying to play football too for alot of otherwise good students.

Anyway get the fuck over yourself it was a friggin joke.


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I'm pretty amazed at how much I see the elders of a family strangling the life out of the younger generation by directing their lives.  Guilting them into only vacationing at their cabin up North,  Christmas and T-Day always and grandmas house,  grandkids have to go to school near home etc etc.  Its totally plausible to me after seeing so much of it.


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Don't want. He would have to sit a year anyways. We are loaded with young talent on the oline and have quality prospects in the 2018 class, all hand selected by our coaching staff. Delance had his chance and hasn't developed much since arriving at Texas.


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He'd be a good addition. Played 2 games as a true freshman at Texas, would sit one year as redshirt and compete for a spot in 2018.


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Lol at all the "I'd take him, I hope he gives us a second chance, do want, etc. " he ain't going to Michigan. doubt he'd even be a take. transfers seldom happen into Michigan football. let's not whore ourselves out now guys.


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I have no problem with transfers as long as they meet academics. Things happen and kids need to go elsewhere - not always because they couldn't get playing time. I'm sure ucla is comfortable with asiasi transferring in. UM takes transfer students all the time; if they're good enough to make the team, let them play. Meritocracy works.


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Exactly.  Asiasi transferred out from UM, and he looked like a star in the making.  It's not always a playing time/player development issue when kids transfer out, and it isn't always about academics either.  I'm sure Harbaugh will do his due diligence and extend an offer if he feels like the kid could help the team and keep up academically.