Je'Ron Stokes?

Submitted by dieseljr32 on August 14th, 2010 at 12:32 PM

Has anyone heard anything about Je'Ron Stokes?  We have so many Wide Receivers so I could see why nothing has been heard about the Sophomore but I'm just wondering if he's even been making plays?



August 14th, 2010 at 12:37 PM ^

They've shown some highlights of him on some of the countdown videos. I think he will get a lot of playing time this year when either Stonum or Hemingway need a breather.


August 14th, 2010 at 2:39 PM ^

The secondary has plenty of depth.  There's not much experience, but the depth is there.  We have about 17 safeties and five corners.  We really don't have a ton of wide receivers - Stonum, Hemingway, Stokes, Miller, Jackson, and Jerald Robinson are about it.  One or two of those freshmen need to redshirt, so you can't move guys over to defense and run out of wideouts.


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Not hearing a lot of about him could be an indication of very positive development - increasing depth.  We know the roster is getting where it needs to be when there are quality players developing and waiting for their chance.


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Don't be such a pessimist. There is nothing about the title that implies anything negative--the negativity is in your head. I read the title and thought, "Oh yeah...that is another potentially stud receiver we have who I haven't heard much about. Wonder how he's doing." ? does not equal bad. Perk up and think positive thoughts.


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the depth in the receiving corps and the youth starting with stokes on down, he is the leader of that pack where roundtree and odoms along with stonum and hemingway are the "vets"


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No guys, if I wanted to inform you that something bad has happened to Je'Ron Stokes, I would say so in the title.  Obvously the past two seasons has made many people even look at Forum Topic titles negatively.  You should have been relieved once you saw nothing was wrong not criticising me for making you think that something was wrong. 


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Well, you're such a trusted and well known poster that I guess we should have known your posting habits.  Dieseljr32 would never mislead us, guys!

Anyway, maybe you could just suck it up, make a more informative thread title next time, and not whine when someone correctly points out that your thread title lacks information.  You don't see many newspaper articles titled "Kwame Kilpatrick", do you?  No, you see newspaper articles titled "Former Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick Allegedly Killed Stripper, Cashed Child Support Checks."


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I was worried too. When BiSB [Superblogger] with 24K is concerned, I'm concerned. Everyone is as fidgety as a whore in church. Gentlemen, we have a good season to look forward to. The M -Go- negathon is in play.  Chill, please!!!