JDK & Rey - UM Football Music Group

Submitted by Mhpangr on June 27th, 2012 at 3:29 PM

Looked throughout the board and didn't see anyone post this yet, but Jack Kennedy and Joe Reynolds have come together to make a music duo of (seemingly?) epic proportions.

Daily article here:


Facebook page here:


The daily article has links to their songs.



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This is really good.

My "Cool Story Bro" moment:  December 18th 2009 was my buddy's 19th birthday.  He played football all throughout high school, and was trying out for Michigan State's team at the time.  For his birthday, his dad rented out a field at High Velocity in Canton, because he wanted to just have a friendly game (his brother plays semi-pro now, so they are obviously a football loving and athletic family).  A buddy I met in college, who was at Eastern at the time, was good friends with Jack Kennedy.  We actually got him to come out and play, and had a little 7-on-7 game (me and my friends played against the guys Jack came with, including my friend from EMU).  Even though Jack rarely sees the field for the Wolverines, the talent he has is just incredible.  I'm not exactly the most athletically inclined person, by any means, and it was really cool to see a University of Michigan quarterback up close and personal like that.  Really nice and charasmatic guy, too.


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I'm a Michigan football fan, and like everyone, I think it's cool that these players are pursuing their hobbies outside football.  I'm not trying to hate on them, I just think this music is average/below average if we're looking at anything beyond Michigan football/fan circles.