Jayru WWE style

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Apparently Jayru thinks football is secondary. Link? Link. http://instagram.com/p/jfTAowB5aF/ Old link bad. New link? New link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JKYkekqsso

[ED: Locking this as the comments are approaching/have gone over the line, but the event is legit. http://www.wxyz.com/dpp/news/video-cass-tech-football-player-body-slams…




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I think you're wrong about this one.  This is far worse than your typical dumb high school mistake. Coaches will overlook some stuff, but I very much doubt Dantonio is going to risk losing momentum from the recent success he has had by bringing in players with this kind of toxic character.  He's fortunate that security guard doesn't have severe injuries.


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I saw something about this on Reddit, but this was the first video proof I've seen.  Even though he is committed to sparty, he needs to have his offer pulled from us and the school should suspend him at the very least.  Looks like grounds for expulsion to me.


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No way he keeps that offer if dantonio sees this. After the season they had they won't have any trouble getting a QB, and won't need to deal with this kind of thing. Compared to the Carlos Hyde video this looks way worse.


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Seems there was a time when many here complained we should have offered this kid.

Willing to wait until facts come out, but damn, that looks like bad news.


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He can see that with his own eyes. If he takes Campbell and anything at all happens, he'll be seeing this clip in his sleep. If I had to place a bet, I'd go with "no green for you".

Some time back Campbell stated in an interview that "most likely" he and Weber would be going to the same school. I think their life paths began diverging the second that security guard hit the floor.


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Barely looked concerned that his buddy was just slammed on his neck. That's no joke for Jayru - that's straight assault. He could find himself in serious trouble if someone feels like pressing charges

Victor Valiant

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T-Minus 12 hours until the security guard takes the wrap for starting the fight and Campbell is cleared. Not that I think he should be cleared, that was clearly assault, but I sense he will be.


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I feel bad for that kid, he does have actual issues.  It's sad, because losing his opportunity to go to college will likely make them even bigger.  I'm not saying that means he should have the opportunity for free education at a Big Ten school, it's just too bad to see a kid throw that stuff away.

I had a really bad attitude at times when I was a kid/teen, but luckily I had people in my life who showed me the right way to handle things.  Not everybody has that.