Jayme Thompson to WVU

Submitted by Laser Wolf on February 2nd, 2012 at 9:17 AM

Jayme Thompson, 2013 S recruit from Toledo, has verballed to West Virginia. This was the potential commit reported yesterday by Tremendous. People are going back and forth on whether he actually had a commitable offer from us, but I'll take the kid's word for it that he did and just say best of luck at WVU.




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How is that recruits choose schools like WVU, Auburn, Washington, Iowa, et al over Michigan? I know this has been brought up before, but I just don't get it. I understand losing out to Stanford, Bama, OU, Texas, the Florida Schools, even OSU. But what does Morgantown offer that Ann Arbor doesn't, in terms of academics,prestige and location?


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When he first announced he was going to decide between three schools a few weeks ago, the only one of the three schools he was deciding on that he actually had an offer from was WVU. It's not clear to me he does have a Michigan offer. So that may be it.

And if that isn't it, he made a comment about WVU being his favorite school. Thatb could be it as well.


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I will answer your legitimate(ly biased) question with two analogies:

Let's say you're looking for a job, and two companies have offered you.  One of them is with a big, well-known company who will pay you well.  The other is from a smaller company, slightly less pay, but you just really clicked with your potential boss and coworkers during your interviews, the job is more along the lines of what you want to do, and the part of town the office is in is an area you like better than the other company. 

Similarly, let's say you have a chance to date two different girls.  One is very pretty, sexy and has a great job.  The other girl is slightly less in all of those categories, but is just crazy about you.  She's known you for longer and can't see herself dating/marrying anyone but you.  The pretty girl is willing to go out with you, but since she has her pick of the guys in town, isn't sold that you're the one. 

This is how recruiting goes.  Sometimes the team (or company) that is known as the "best," isn't the best for every guy.  And sometimes guys will choose a team (or girl) based on mutual interest, a place they feel comfortable and wanted, a team who is as excited about them and they are about the team. 


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I think academics means very little, regardless of what the kids say. I also think a lot of kids do choose for academics, EASY academics. I remember hearing kids say they picked Fla St. for academics. Well yeah, someone else was writing exams for them ... on-line no less. And if anyone remembers Andy Katzenmoyer (sp?) at O$U you'll know what a joke classes are over there.I expect a lot of kids are offered a free diploma at a lot of schools and they jump on the free ride.


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It's hard to tell from his video just how good he is.  He doesn't look 6'2 190, has decent speed, and plays hard.  He had some nice plays, but I wasn't overly impressed.  Not sure why they even included his returns, they were mediocre at best.


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When the class of 2013 arrives on campus, both Marvin Robinson and Thomas Gordon will be seniors.  So it's not inconceivable that the coaches would a couple guys waiting in the wings to replace them, although I do agree that safety is pretty low on the priority list.