Jayme Thompson leaving Ohio State

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It's reported in a few places that redshirt freshman safety Jayme Thompson (Toledo) is leaving Ohio State.  Bucknuts says he was thought to be behind Bell, Powell and Burrows.  He was rated somewhere between 200 and 250 nationally by all four sites (Scout, Rivals, 247 and ESPN).



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The Plain-Dealer did a writeup on this (HERE) as well. 

According to this, he was indeed granted his release from his scholarship and will be visiting Kentucky's spring game. The article also mentions that since OSU will be shifting to more base defense, the need for safety depth is - in their view - reduced somewhat. This also means that OSU meets their temporary limit of 82 scholarship players (Thompson played in their Spring Game, and at the time they had 83 on scholarship). 

Mr Miggle

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He scheduled an announcement right after a visit here. He said he would choose between us, ND and WVU, but there was disagreement about whether he even had an offer from us.  He chose WVU and decommitted as soon as the OSU offer came.


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This kid is a head case and I doubt he would get accepted into Michigan or if he was even wanted. He was told he wouldn't see the field for possibly 2 to 3 years and he didn't want to do that. He also transferred in High School, also while in High School he was more of a rover and just "See Football, Get Football" so he is more of an athlete than anything.



Source: I am Friends with his Cousin.

Shakey Jake

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Happens to every school as we all know. OSU will continue to recruit extremely well as we all know. This won't hurt them the least as we all know. I also heard that Urb bought him a going away pizza from Little Sleazers which we did not know.


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that he won't be talking to UM, thats why Urban sprang the five bucks for pizza. Not to mention the brain washing that goes on about that school up north down there, He probably thinks we would  shoot him and throw his body in the Detroit river if he came up here looking for a spot on the roster.