Jay Paterno: Ohio State shouldn't rush to judgement on Urban Meyer's future

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If you're Meyer and OSU, probably not the guy you want behind you. (Pun intended)

"That didn’t stop Joe Paterno’s son Jay Paterno from calling on Ohio State to “stand up to mob mentality” when it comes to making a decision Meyer’s future."

Once a slimeball.....always a slimeball. 




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I’m shocked, shocked...alright I’m not that shocked.

on another unrelated topic, can we get a sticky cord cutting thread?  Less than a month until the season...pretty sure those threads will start popping up in droves soon.


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From his article on his shitty website -


"Just a few hours ago a member of the media published a story about Ohio State's Urban Meyer alleging he had knowledge of domestic violence issues involving Ohio State’s now-former wide receiver coach. A former ESPN writer wrote a story on Facebook and now…..


Social media is abuzz with people in the outrage spiral descent where one after another weighs in to show just how much more outraged they are over some alleged wrong. People from other schools on social media are giddy with the excitement of “Urban being in trouble” and breathless in anticipation that he will be fired.


That is what losers do. Being unable to beat someone on the field they take excitement that some other means of derailing a rival will suffice."


No Jay.  This has nothing to do with losing on the field.  This has to do with finding out if Urban Meyer, the proclaimed hero of absolutes, lied and covered up for a member of his staff.  I can see why this would hit a Jay Paterno nerve, he's still the same warped asshole who thinks Joe didn't do anything wrong.  Fuck Jay Paterno.  Fuck Penn State.


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"This is what losers do.  Being unable to beat someone on the field they take excitement that some other means of derailing a rival will suffice."

Wow.  He might as well have just said that as long as Meyer wins football games, nothing else he does matters.


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Isn't it time in the news story life cycle to switch sides on the hot takes?

I'll try - I agree with Jay here. It's much more important that my team beat their team at a game for bragging rights than to demand that a coach is accountable for all the bad stuff that one of his staff does that he should have known about and taken action.

Did I do that right?

Longballs Dong…

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To be fair to Jay - which is hard to even type - he's not entirely wrong.  You are blind if you can't look around this site and see people cheering Urban's potential firing.  There was an OP that literally stated he wasn't sure if he should be happy urban is gone or express sympathy for the victim.  Uh... clearly the latter, but those aren't mutually exclusive.  

Anyway, here is what I hear from Jay:

- urban did something bad

- fan bases demand he's fired because they are outraged

- Those same fans are clearly seen cheering that urban might be fired and not because justice is being served, immoral deeds are being penalized or a woman is safer now... are they really outraged? 

- Clearly any rival will be happy to see OSU knocked down a peg so OSU shouldn't cave to that echo chamber.  Are you equally upset if this happened at Tulsa?  

I believe that is 100% accurate.  I have two retorts to what Jay actually said (not some misconstrued statement about how Jay thinks winning justifies protecting an abuser - which clearly was his father's opinion):

1. Do we think OSU is really trolling rival internet sites looking for opinions on how to handle Urban?  They rightfully shouldnt' give a shit what UM fans have to say.  If there is a mob mentality forcing OSU it would come from media coverage and that's not exactly rival fan bases.  

2. They shouldn't "rush" but they should also take care of this as quickly as possible while doing due dilligence. They have with 99.9% certainty caught Urban lying to the press.  Does that deserve a firing? The only thing left that shouldn't be rushed is an actual investigation into the other stuff: did they really threaten the victim to withdraw charges?  Was that at Urban's request?  Did he know that was happening and so on.  The reason to delay a decision on that stuff is to negotiate a buyout.  If there is more dirt, they can probably give urban less money to walk away.  I think if they fire him for cause OSU will be forced into a public court battle they don't want any part of.  

In conclusion, We have very maize colored glasses around here that break basic reasoning skills.  I can't help but cringe everytime someone says something like, "I'm just glad knowing our coaches wouldn't never to XYZ."  You don't know anything.  Brady fucking Hoke played a role in covering up a rape.  That is probably much worse than what Urban did and yet it's pretty quiet about that aroudn here.  Also, Jay remains a piece of shit and we should probably just forget all about him.  


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I’ve not once celebrated this news because it makes our rival weaker. Ohio State as a football team will be just fine. You make broad generalizations and assume too much. 

What should happen is happening. If Urban Meyer did no wrong, then an investigation will reveal that. If he did something wrong, then an investigation will reveal that as well. Whatever happens on a football field is irrelevant to this conversation  

On a personal note, my aunt was abused for years and it took her a long time to get away from her abuser. This is very dear to my heart and mostly because I’ve hugged her and held her after being beaten. 

Brady Hoke is a poor example because it’s been widely expressed here that he had no clue what he was doing running a football program. If you have paid attention, the meme about not fully aware arose directly from his incompetence and that of his ass douche AD Dave Brandon. Those two had no business shaping the lives of youth.


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I mean, let's face it....as they were hoisting Mussolini's corpse up in the Piazzale Loreto in Milan, Jay Paterno was in the corner saying, "Now, now, let's not rush to judgment on this one...."


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“As Penn Staters, we’ve seen the forces of innuendo, implication and allegation damage the lives and careers of good innocent people..." umm, guess he forgot about people NOT living up to their obligations damaging the lives of good innocent children... SMH


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Why are all our rivals pedophile and abuser enablers?

Pedo State: Sandusky, Franklin (vanderbilt rape coverup-er)

Michigan Rape University: Nassar, Dantonio/Izzo (many rape and assault coverups)

Ohio State: Wrestling coach/Jim "Paterno" Jordan, Urban Liar

What the fuck is wrong with these institutions?


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Oh Jay Paterno is still saying things?  Shit, if he advocated that I be given a beachfront villa with a Tesla convertible and Chloe Bennett and Anne Hathaway as bedside playmates, I'd take a vow of chastity and move to a Tibetan monastery to ensure that never happens.

Maize N' Ute

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I'm all for waiting to find out everything we need to know to base an honest decision on OSU/Urbz.  With that being said, Jay Paterno is one the last guy in the world who should be chiming in on this issue.  

Dorothy_ Mantooth

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Charlie Manson's and John Gotti's rotting corpses also indicated 'Ohio State shouldn't rush to judgement on Meyer'... because 'you just can't control everything everybody does under your direct control'

East German Judge

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So the guy whose egomaniacal dad aided a MASSIVE cover up of the molestation of young boys for YEARS says we should not rush to judgement - seems about right!!!


BTW, FUCK penn state AND jay paterno and all their delusional joepa loving fans!!!