Jay Paterno mocks James Earl Jones and Michigan

Submitted by Yo_Blue on October 20th, 2017 at 9:27 AM

Jay Paterno, recently elected Trustee at Penn State took some time out this week from his pedophile denial to write an article for the State College newspaper.  In it he talks about tradition and the excitement of having ESPN's College Gameday on campus.  He also downgrades the opponent who is "only ranked #19".


Paterno talks about the pride an humbleness of Penn State while slamming Michigan, our air of arrogance, and the James Earl Jones video among other things.  At least Paterno never mentions his dad.  That's the only point in his favor.



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My gosh, to call the Michigan program arrogant but to harbor a sex offender, deny it, is the most brazen arrogant event that I have ever witnessed unfold. Deep down, they know.


October 20th, 2017 at 9:39 AM ^

I mean, the video does say UM is the best University in the World, it does kind of feed a narative that we all also fan the flames of on the reg.  


That said, for going 0-3 against us the past few years, they do seem very sure of themselves this week.


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Isn't that the guy who wrote letters to some big time coaches trying to beg his way into an assistant job? Lmao, he shouldn't be talking smack, especially considering his family history


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I wonder what it must feel like to know that any and all success you've had in life is simply a carry-over from the success of your father...and in the end, his legacy will always be enabling a pedophile.