Jason Sehorn torches Scott Frost for his comment

Submitted by BlueDMD on September 11th, 2016 at 11:32 AM
Watching college football Sunday on ESPN and they brought up Frost's comment about hitting harder than Michigan. Sehorn's reaction was priceless and his face contorted hilariously as he yelled "who cares?"



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Frost's team cares. It's a motivational ploy for him and his team. Good for him. He's letting his team know that he believes in them and that they didn't back down from Michigan.

I agree that we shouldn't care, and neither do fans of 127 teams out there. The message isn't intended for us, though. It's intended for the 100+ kids in his locker room.


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Motivation through lying seems...suspect to me, as a strategy. It's sort of like Hitler sitting in his bunker in late 1944 saying, "we're shooting much more accurately than our enemies right now! Our kill-per-bullet ratio is so, so much better than theirs!!!" 


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I get where you're going with this, but in the six months between June and December, 1944, at least 100,000 American troops were killed, and the Canadians and British took nearly as many casualties. At the end of 1944, the war was still a close-run thing in places.

Frost said what he said after the "war" was over, and lost, making his comments even more foolish.


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This isn't meant personally and could be intended for a bunch of the posters in here, but it's almost like the majority of people on here have never been in the locker room or a post-game huddle. Coaches say positive things. They try to find a silver lining. Coaches don't tell the people who are supposed to believe in them and their system, "You guys got your asses kicked today. They threw the ball all over us, they destroyed our offensive line, and we sucked on special teams. Now...believe in the direction I'm leading you, and let's go get 'em next week!"

Players want to know that something they're doing is working. And in this case, if it's their physicality and determination, then so be it. That's something to build on next week or beyond.


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Don't take this personally, but it's almost like you've never been in a locker room discussing how what the coach is telling outsiders is making you guys a laughingstock.

Telling his guys they out-toughed the other team in a blowout loss is fine, so long as he does it in the locker room.  When he takes it outside, and these kids start getting the texts telling them what a tool their coach sounds like for woofing after getting crushed, he pretty much ruins any gain he got from trying it on with the team.

Blue Durham

September 11th, 2016 at 5:20 PM ^

Coaches have for decades talked to their players through the press. When I first heard what Frost said, I immediately thought his audience was his players. And rather than just say it to them, saying it publicly would carry more weight with his players.

After a loss like CFU had against Michigan, a coach has to keep their players confidence and pride up. They need to have something to hang their hat on. Frost gave them that.

Conversely, after a big win, many coaches will emphasis what the team did poorly, things that they need to focus on in order to get better.

Both of the above serve the same purpose, keep the team together and focused. Bo did both of the above.


September 11th, 2016 at 6:49 PM ^

That's the problem:  Frost gave them nothing to go on.  He didn't reference the game or the players at all, just something called "hit."  Rather than talking up what they did well ("we got to the edge some, when we executed like we know we can"), he woofed some vague bullshit about "out-hitting" which everyone knew was simply false (Michigan stopped them far more than they stopped Michigan, and more of their players left hurt than Michigan players did).

Sure, sometimes yo shade the truth when talking about or to your players, but when you are going to go full bullshit, you need to do it where they won't be embarrassed.


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I can easily imagine that CFU coaches went in at half-time and said to themselves something along the line of, "Look, we know we have no chance to win this game. We're outgunned. But here is what we're gonna emphasize to the players:
'Don't look at the scoreboard; we don't care about that right now. Maybe the guy across from you is bigger, or faster, or more talented than you are. But what matters to us is how you stand up to them, and that you are more physical than they are. I want to challenge each and every one of you to outhit that guy across from you on each and every play.'"

If they did that, then in a small way (insignificant to Michigan and the rest of the world but significant to themselves) they succeeded. Would have to analyze the game film to see if anything like that actually happened, but when your team is getting it's butt kicked, you have to, as someone has as already mentioned, find something to hang your hat on, something to retain some pride and believe in to keep your guys motivated until you are ready to compete at a higher level, and on the scoreboard. Frost is publically letting his players and fans that they should believe he sees some small degree of progress.

If this were a rival, or a team we might see later in a bowl or playoff game, this might be considered bulletin board material or a real challenge. And who knows, Michigan coaches could use it as something to watch out for, or as a motivator if they really think they need it. As it is, for Michigan and Michigan fans, it's just a small dog barking in the rear view mirror as we speed  away.