Jason Avant tough as ever

Submitted by briangoblue on September 3rd, 2010 at 9:49 PM

I was just paging through my SI NFL preview when I ran across a quote I thought was worth sharing, and I love to see this guy get some positive publicity. The context- Justin Tuck describing the Eagles response to giving up 12 sacks in their first meeting.

From the first snap of that second game, all we saw was seven man protection, with wide receivers chipping. That's not something you don't see much of at all, and the best guy, by far, was Jason Avant- the most annoying person I've ever run into on a football field. He did something on almost every snap to knock us off our rush.


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personal stories, of the Lloyd Carr era and maybe of any other era.  If they gave out awards for "character," Jason Avant would have gotten the equivalent of a Heisman.


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But I hated that the SI article referred to him as a "journeyman."  He's played 3 seasons, all for the same team, and increased his catches, yards, and YPC each year.  How is that a "journeyman"?