Jarrod Wilson Offered

Submitted by JC3 on February 16th, 2011 at 5:38 PM

Jarrod Wilson is a 6"2, 190-lb Safety prospect from Akron, Ohio. Hoke and his staff have been busy offering prospects, and Wilson was offered today. 

At this point Michigan does not have a true free safety on their roster. Tamani Carter is slotted to play there, and Troy Woofolk could play there as well, but Wilson would be a perfect fit at free safety. He is the definition of a center-fielder, and he's got great ball skills. Plus, he's 6"2, and will be able to play at 200 pounds in college. Win.

Illinois, Indiana, Toledo, and Michigan State have offered. Marc Givler, who scouts Ohio for Rivals, said Wilson is likely a top 20-25 player in Ohio, and a great offer. I'll try to talk to Jarrod soon, but this offer was big. 




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"Marc Givler, who scouts Ohio for Rivals, said Wilson is likely a top 20-25 player in Ohio, and a great offer"

Ohio State's Rivals has Wilson at #19 in their current state rankings so that sounds about right. Sounds like a quality player and it would be nice to have some size at the safety position.

6'2, 200 lbs in centre field is intimidating enough to put it in the minds of receivers going over the middle.


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Duane Long who recruits the state of Ohio had this to say about Wilson:

Jarrod Wilson, 6-3, 200, Buchtel
Remember the name. This is my dark horse for the safety who comes out of this class four years from now with the highest NFL rating. If a college coach came to me and said he played eight in the box alot and needed a centerfielder right in the middle of the field I would suggest Jarrod Wilson. He is fast and very athletic. He reads the game and reacts to the ball as well as any safety in the class. The best cover safety in the class. The best safety in the class on the ball. He needs to be a better tackler. The good news is he is a willing tackler. Never shies away from contact. Stellar in the classroom too. 




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This is good news. I was wondering when the Safety offers would begin going out.

I've read that people think this guy is very under the radar, and will blow up bigtime.


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are the coaches going to do with Marvin Robinson and Josh Furman. Coming out of high school they where rank highly at the safety postion. I don't think i have heard anything yet on those two guys? We also have Carvin Johnson and Ray Vinopal and Jordan Kovacs. I think we have alot of safeties on this team. But we do need to bring in one or 2 safeties in this class.GO BLUE!!!


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Ok SO, I couldn't find a highlight tape on youtube.

But I did find this, and it's posted by Akronsportsnow, so I assume its him.

EDIT: I see the someone else found it, touche.


I'd gladly take a 96 yard fumble recovery for a touchdown. Not to mention the goose egg they are serving the other team.


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I also read on ESPN today that the DE out of Cinci, I believe Adolphus Williams is his name, has talked to both Saban and Hoke on the phone every week. He mentioned it in his interview. Sounds like Hoke and Co. are getting after it pretty hard.


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Yep, they sure did. I was hoping they might not because Ohio is so loaded this year but it looks like my worst fears have come furition. Hopefully he really values academics(I think is mom is a doctor) and that will give us an advantage. I really, really want this guy!




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A Buckeye fan that I talk to frequently, who is a little biased but generally knows his stuff, thinks that Adolphus Washington, Greg McMullen, Latroy Pittman, and Se'von Pittman are all pretty much locks to end up at Ohio State. He says that if all four want to come, then they will make room for them. My assumption is that Odenigbo is a fallback option in case one of the other four go somewhere else. I absolutely cannot see them taking five defensive ends.


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LaTroy Pittman is a WR who has already committed to Florida.

I agree that McMullen and Washington are essentially OSU locks, and Pittman would probably go there if they seriously want him.

They also offered Odenigbo today, but I think they would only accept a commit from him for something other than DE.

I still don't see them taking more than 3 DE's in this class.


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He probably meant Latroy Lewis. Both him and Pittman (and Odenigbo) could project to linebacker. Not that that really changes anything.

But yeah, out of Wormley, McMullen, Pittman, Strobel, Odenigbo, Washington, and Lewis, OSU can probably only take four at the very most. Assuming we lead for Wormley, not to mention we've offered Pharaoh Brown who looks good and we have shots at other DL from outside of Ohio, I think we'll be fine.


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I was told by someone that I trust that it might take quite a bit for Wilson and his teammate Corey Smith NOT to come to Michigan, meaning Michigan is in great shape.


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Another serious question - why do you think he's not a "top" safety?   And how "top" does a kid have to be for you to happy taking him? 

FYI, Rivals currently has this kid at #19 in Ohio.  In 2011, 16 Ohio players got 4 stars, and this year people feel Ohio will be deeper than 2011.  Also in 2011, OSU took 5 players rated worse than #19 in Ohio, not including the #17 kid they also signed.  The #18 player went to Alabama.  So being #19 in Ohio is not exactly bad - I know a lot of people are excited about Antonio Poole and he was #20.

All that aside, this kid has offers from a handful of Big Ten schools already, and he's one of three (I believe) safeties nationwide that the staff has offered this early.  I don't think that's a resume worth getting upset over.