JaRaymond Hall taking visits

Submitted by Jordan2323 on December 11th, 2017 at 10:41 PM
Anyone know where he visited this weekend?


Perkis-Size Me

December 12th, 2017 at 9:25 AM ^

I don’t blame him. You need to give yourself options in case your first choice falls through.

Smart move in his part. You don’t want to transfer out of Ole Miss, find out Michigan is a no go, and then you’re left with nothing. Got to have something in your back pocket as a last resort.


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Actually, glad you posted. It is a great topic, for the most part.

  1. The board is starved for real football content. This qualifies (FEED ME!)
  2. Anyone with a brain (a Brian?) knows there is going to be attrition.
  3. Specifically, there are eight freshmen on the OL (Hall, Ruiz, Stueber, Filiaga, Hudson, Spanellis, Vastardis, Honigford.) There are 2 OT commits (Mayfield, Hayes) and two more OT guys we are after (Petit-Frere, aka Little Brother, and Jarrett Patterson.) There are four upperclassmen at OT (Bushell-Beatty, Newsome, Ulizio, Runyan.) By my count, that looks like 12 guys competing for two spots, LT and RT. Even if you are up for the competition, the reality is that some of those guys are not going to see the field. For the sake of playing time, for the sake of the team (spots for newcomers,) and for other reasons, it makes perfect sense for someone to look elsewhere.
  4. On the OL, and a bit on the DL, you are more likely to see guys who are upperclassmen playing. Someone who is a freshman who transfers to another D-1 school can sit a year, practice with the new team, and still have three years to play ball.
  5. JH has talked about how honest dialogue is good. It is quite possible that for the good of Hall and the good of the team, if Hall asked their opinion, they could not be pushing him out, but supporting him in going elsewhere for PT.
  6. The only thing I would avoid is suggesting that someone is leaving because they're lazy or not up for competition or a bad apple, etc. Even if some of those things are true, you shouldn't go there. There's a TE at OSU, RS Freshman, iirc, who is transferring to Youngstown State. Anything I've read about him doesn't cast aspersions, but simply wishes him well. We should do the same.
  7. Lastly, this is the right time to make the decision. You can start classes elsewhere in January, get to know your new teammates, and take part in Spring Ball. Waiting until the end of the season (after Spring Ball) doesn't make sense, unless you think you might have a chance to start.


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However, does make a ton of sense.  One of coach Harbaugh's GA's from his first 2 years in AA left to take a much larger role at CMU.  Albert Karschnia is the director of player personal and a huge part of their recruiting efforts.  He had a lot to do with Shane transfer, and also had a large role in the original recruitment of JHall to Michigan.  It was time for Albert to grow and get some more experience under his belt, but my guess is he ends up back in AA in a few years where his heart is.  I speculated a few weeks ago that some of the grad transfers may end up in Mount Plesant and this is the biggest reason why.  Albert is also an OLSM grad and played a big role in many of the kids we recruited successfully out of metro Detroit in 2015-2017.  Albert is a real behind the scenes kind of guy that has been very difficult to replace.  His realtionship with recruits and knowledge of the trail will open many doors for him over the next decade.













Gentleman Squirrels

December 11th, 2017 at 11:03 PM ^

It could be something personal that has nothing to do with competition. It could be that UofM is not the right fit for him. Or maybe he wants the chance to prove himself somewhere else because there are a lot of bodies at his position and those people could be much farther along than him. I think from his profile he's supposed to be a guard/tackle tweener.