Jamie Morris reportedly let go by Brandon

Submitted by steve sharik on April 27th, 2010 at 11:05 AM

This was posted by Chris Balas over on the fort at rivals.

All I can say is, "wow."

Commence rumor-mongering.



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"They come and they go."

J-Mo will always be a hero to those of us who saw him play. He was an incredible asset to the teams on which he played, and the prototype of a certain "#20" two decades later. He was, is and will always be a Michigan Man.

It has to be very hard for a guy, molded in the Bo Schembechler Philosophy, to bite his tongue and be insincere about his feelings. However, it serves no good purpose to lead anyone to believe that there is divisiveness within program or the athletic department. Especially not radio listeners in Columbus. He would have served the program much better by quietly leaving the department when he realized he could not fully and unwaveringly support the current head football coach.


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It's impossible to keep from wondering why in hell someone in his position would take the obvious risk of lying, unless the consequences of it being found out who really was at the wheel were so seriously negative that fibbing seemed to be the better option.

2 Walter Smith

April 27th, 2010 at 12:50 PM ^

as another blow to the country club atmosphere that seems to have pervaded the football program before RR. Everybody is accountable now and there are no sacred cows. Cows belong in East Lansing anyway.


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Assuming that the 'car thing' is true, as a new AD being made aware of such a transgression, I don't think Brandon had any other option. Anything else sets a bad precedent in terms of establishing himself and his policies.

Very unlikely that we will ever know for sure if there were some anti-RR factors involved in letting him go, but I doubt it.

M Fanfare

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It also sends a message about the new regime. If the AD is willing to can a former football star who is still #3 on the all-time career rushing yards list, then everyone is being held to the same high standard no matter who you are.

steve sharik

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...To me, this is why (in this MGoCommunity) this is more than just "vaguely" newsworthy and more than just a simple "low-level AD functionary gets fired" story. This speaks directly to Brandon following through on his promises that a) Michigan will do things the right way and b) everyone in the AD will be on the same page.


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Oh for christ sake.

If what Brian says is true, WHAT ORGANIZATAION IN THIS COUNTRY wouldn't fire a guy for lending out owned assets to inappropriate people and then committing insurance fraud? Would YOUR employer tolerate that? Mine wouldn't. This doesn't "signify" a thing other than the blindingly obvious.


April 28th, 2010 at 10:42 AM ^

Not all organizations are run the right way. Alliances are formed, bad habits become protocol, and nepotism can run rampant. I have seen it personally, even to the point of being illegal. Some organizations do not understand the meaning of business ethics, believe it or not. Grammar check: "Christ's sake."


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if he'd been canned for that interview alone. The interview reminded me of the reporters talking to the young rookies last year leading them on to answer questions that could then be held against the program. Not being an insider who might have suspected Jamie as anything but a full supporter of the program, to me it sounded like he was trying to give honest answers to questions, and then the follow-up questions kept leading him to more answers that could then be held against him. But if there was an ethical infraction, Brandon is being responsible and appropriate.

Twisted Martini

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"it would be irresponsible not to."

For a long time i have read that everybody knows who the person is who was squawking to the Freep. I like the signal sent, regardless if JM is the leak or not.

I actually had my picture taken with him at the spring game, maybe it's my fault. He didn't lend me his ride though.

st barth

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...I was employed by the University (not the Athletic Department) and we did have access to university cars. It was kind of a sleepy place and some of my colleagues would do things like use the U cars to run some personal errands (eg. grocery shopping at Meijers) during the day while supposedly on U business. I never dared do such a thing myself because of the risk of an accident and the likelihood of job loss.

What a foolish way to lose a paycheck.


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I loved it back when he was playing and Bo run a wishbone and 2 wide receivers and threw a lot out of that formation .I remember one game either a bowl game in Hawaii or they were playing them but there was about a 70 yrd touchdown to Bob Perryman down a sideline.I would like to see some of that this year with halfback options with Tate and Denard


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Is spot on. This guy had a recession-proof, bullet-proof job, for years. For his "Fundraising" contributions, lets not forget the people behind the scenes and volunteers, not to mention a great Womens and Childrens hospital that sells itself. If a "Brother In Law" position was created in your office, such as Morris', you would cringe.


April 28th, 2010 at 1:16 AM ^

Morris did a WTKA interview before one of the Spring practices, and he was gushing with praise for Rich Rod. I liked the fact that he was being so supportive, but it almost seemed like there was an element of falseness to it, because it was so over the top.

Although I respect Morris as a great Michigan football alum, I'm kind of hoping that the accident/insurance issue was finally the "just cause" necessary for a firing that has been a long time in the making. This is not because I have anything against Morris, but because I am really interested in the Freep losing all "insider access" to Michigan football.

Elno Lewis

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