Jamie Morris reportedly let go by Brandon

Submitted by steve sharik on April 27th, 2010 at 11:05 AM

This was posted by Chris Balas over on the fort at rivals.

All I can say is, "wow."

Commence rumor-mongering.



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Did he ever actually do anything while working in the athletic department? Not to be mean, but I'm not sure he didn't hang around just so he could smile and wave when the students chanted his name at games.


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I know you have a PhD and all, but that's not true. He's been very successful as a development manager at Michigan for the last 4 or 5 years. In most of the recent successful fundraisers the Michigan AD has had, Jamie has played a considerable role.

Sometimes people get dismissed for reasons other than performance. But you wouldn't know that, spending your whole life in academia tends to cloud your view.


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Spent less than half my life in academia (graduated at 22, I'm 44 -- yeah that's about right).

My initals are PHD.

And I stand by original point that "tremendous" fundraisers (esp. those who are iconic former football players) are rarely dismissed for performance issues.


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I always say him as more of a glad-hander than a closer. He's the guy you bring around for the old alumni with the money who still think Bo is the coach so they can say they're hanging with the boys. He wouldn't have been qualified for his job if his name had been Jim Smith. He got by a lot on personality and a smile. I mean, they might have gotten his salary's worth in head cheerleading, and he might be a really nice guy one on one, but he wasn't some department leader or anything.


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...but I don't see why there would be a problem with passionate UM fans discussing what is happening to the program they love so much. I agree with the speculation that Jamie may not have been "all in" for RR, but I also know that most of our opinions here are just that: opinions.

Probably, none of us will ever really know, but since most people who come here care deeply about the program, it is human nature to try and guess what is going on. Besides, what else are we going to talk about until the season starts?


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but I had heard mixed things about him as part of the administration so I guess its not a total surprise. Always sad to see a former player let go but hopefully it leads to better things for both UM and him.


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I think he's just saying how it is. He obviously isn't the biggest fan of RR, but he's not being unfair in anything he says. I hope things work out for him.

This all goes away next year anyhow when the Tate/Denard show goes on display.

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It will be really, really, really easy to read too much into this.

I thought Jamie Morris was a great, enthusiastic cheerleader for the Univeristy and the Athletic Department. Everybody who went to Alumni Association functions, fundraisers, Victors Club and M Club meetings; Jamie was always there. Jamie was always up. Jamie was a nice guy to have around. This is all common knowledge.

I also have no idea what else Jamie did. What was his portfolio within the University? Was it "fundraiser"? I know darn well that "fundraiser" is a REEAAALLLLY important function for any University in Michigan's position. And that "fundraiser" is part of Mary Sue's job, part of Rich Rodriguez's job, part of Brandon's job, and the part-time job of every Dean of every school within the University.

But what exactly was Jamie Morris' job? I say this NOT because I don't think he had any real job; I say it because before anybody spouts off about any internecine political fights, there should be some basic solid information established about the subject matter.

Before there is even a whisper of a word about why Jamie Morris may have been let go, I'd suggest that there has to be a very, very high level of proof and scrutiny.


April 27th, 2010 at 11:47 AM ^

I was sitting on this because it only seemed vaguely newsworthy, but if it's out there:

1) I've got two sources, one impeccable, confirming he's gone.
2) The reason given was "mental lapses" that involved giving an AD car to someone who wasn't supposed to have an AD car. Guy then got in an accident and Morris tried to put on the insurance claim that he had given the car to someone else. It sounds like this was the culmination of a few things.