James Rogers = Doug Dutch?

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So I was thingking....Doug Dutch was a decent player who was switched around between WR and CB at Michigan. He was always a back-up who rarely played. He was undrafted but signed with the redskins, then was traded by the redskins to the ravens for former 2nd round pick John Beck. Not saying Doug is a Great player but obviously is pretty talented.

Anyone else hoping that James Rogers is like Doug Dutch, but with the opportunity to play?



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of the fence that just wants a guy who won't get burned three times a game for 40+ yard gains...

I'm very worried about our secondary and I'm just hopeful we have enough bodies to stop a verticle passing game.


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No matter what, Rogers is a true Michigan man (Like Dutch).  Rogers had every opportunity and excuse to transfer away from RR's program, was buried on the depth chart (at two different positions), and had the shadow of a position switch hanging over his head.  He stayed and now has a great opportunity to not just contribute in his 4th year, but start. 

It would be one amazing success story if he pans out. 


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for Rogers, too. I think he would have played a bit anyway even if Woolfolk hadn't gone down for no other reason than depth would have required it, but it's nice that his paying his dues will likely translate into some playing time.

I hope fans don't come down hard on the secondary.  They're going to make mistakes, but in an ideal world, these guys are backing up older starters, playing under study role, and getting the odd snap here or there. I hope they have fun, play hard, and don't worry about screwing up.


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I always felt that both Doug Dutch and James Rogers have gotten a raw deal.

Dutch was hampered by injuries and then switched positions, and for some reason never got any PT in the secondary, when it's clear he had the talent to do so. I remember after last year's draft that I saw Dutch was signed as an UFA by Washington and I was pretty surprised to see that he was getting a shot at the NFL. I never thought he'd make it past training camp, but he had a good enough preseason to earn a spot on the Redskins practice squad later on in the season, and was then traded to the Ravens for John Beck, a former 2nd round pick QB. I've watched Dutch this preseason for the Ravens, and I was shocked at how well he was covering his man. He made several solid tackles, even one TFL, and had several broken up passes while not interfering with the receiver. I can't believe this kid couldn't get on the field for us, because he's clearly holding his own agaisnt legit NFL talent, and is looking like a practice squad player at worst for the Ravens. If he keeps up his solid play, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see him make the Ravens 53-man roster.

James Rogers is similar in the fact that he had several positions switches, first being recruited as an athlete who was most likely going to be a RB or S, to bouncing back and forth from WR to CB. In the limited action we've seen of Rogers at WR, he made some tough catches for quite a few yards, and I certaintly think he would of been a better option at WR compared to someone like LaTerryal Savoy, who dropped a gimme go ahead TD versus Notre Dame. I was pretty high on Rogers when he committed, and I felt he would be the steal of the class. He's my favorite to win the other CB job opposite Floyd, seeing as he has good size, experince, and he'll probably be hungry in his last chance to make something of his career at Michigan. His only competion are 2 true freshman (Cullen Christian and Courtney Avery) and a fellow position switchee. (Teric Jones) At the very least he'll probably see time in the Nickel.

I'll be rooting for both Dutch and Rogers.


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I'm not dogging Savoy, I'm just saying that Rogers possibly would of been a better option then someone like Savoy. I personally would of prefered Rogers, if for nothing else than his size-speed ratio. I didn't forgot about Savoy's 20-yard catch, and I didn't forgot about his nice diving TD catch from Sheridan against Minny the previous year, it's just that this thread is about Dutch and Rogers, and posting about Savoy's success in comparison to his failure that I used as my example wouldn't of been relevant. I'm not hating on Savoy whatsoever, and I'm not sure why you took it that way.


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I'm not hating on Savoy or his career at Michigan, just that one play. Whether it was tipped or not is besides the point, it was still a catchable ball, and in that situation you have to make that play. Thankfully Mathews made up for it later.

Kilgore Trout

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"I can't believe this kid couldn't get on the field for us, because he's clearly holding his own agaisnt legit NFL talent"

Don't forget that in Dutch's time at UM, he was behind Hall, Trent, and Warren.  He may turn out to be NFL worthy, but so were all the guys in front of him. 


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But I was referring to the '08 season when other then Trent and Warren, we had corner/safety hybrid's like Charles Stewart and Brandon Harrison covering the slot. They were solid, epseically Harrison, who I feel was better suited at S, but who knows what Dutch could of done. It couldn't of hurt to toss him out there and see what he could do in one of the many losses we had that season. Either way, it's nice to see a true Michigan man like Dutch getting his shot at the NFL, even if he couldn't quite cut it at Michigan.