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Michigan, Michigan, Michigan, Michigan, Michigan, Michigan, Michigan, Michigan, Michigan, Michigan, Michigan, Michigan, Michigan, Michigan, Michigan, Michigam, Michigan, Michigan, Michigan, Michigan, Michigan!

— James Franklin (@coachjfranklin) October 28, 2018
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Beat Penn State. No idea what to make of this team. By the advanced stats, they are solidly a top 10 team but they haven't looked like a complete team for the last 3 weeks.


Surrender Cobra

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All pass and no run makes James a dull boy. All pass and no run makes James a dull boy. All pass and no run makes James a dull boy. All pass and no run makes James a dull boy!


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drugs are bad?

seriously though, they sucked it up and played pretty well v. a tough iowa team after getting down 12-0.  we had lots of momentum a week ago, and we're going to need that on saturday.  won't be a walk-over. 


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"won't be a walk-over."

PSU has some talented players, but IMHO the major defining characteristic of championship teams is beating good teams on the road, and so far PSU's road games have been at Pitt, Illinois, and Indiana. All of their tough opponents so far have been at home, and they're 1-2 against OSU, MSU, and Iowa. They very easily could be either 3-0 or 0-3 in those games.

I'm with you—I'll be surprised if this isn't a pretty tight game, at least for three quarters. The bye week might have been good in terms of healing and planning, but in the previous three seasons our games after the bye week have been mixed—struggled at Minnesota in '15, won at MSU in '16, and lost at home last year against MSU.


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I agree...could be a tight game, If, and its a big "if," Gary and Black are both back at full strength, we are in a better position on both O and D than we have been all year.  I'm of the opinion that Michigan has better skill players than PSU.  I also believe that Harbaugh has put a bit of a leash on Shea in that not making a mistake has become paramount over a much more aggressive passing offense.  Maybe its time to loosen things up.


Jaque From Space

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There were times Penn Sts defensive front was pushed easily by Iowa’s O line. The late Int. when Iowa was about to score is why Iowa lost. It was a clear mistake by the receiver. It was not by great play by Penn St.  Penn St will probably get dominated next week. Michigan’s O line will have a great game. 


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I though Iowa looked like shit tbh. They turned it over how many times in the red zone? Stanley looked like he would have been more accurate if he used the other arm. I wouldn’t call that a penn state win as much I would call it an Iowa debacle. That whole game I was picturing our D just teeing off on Mcswirley. 


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Well, to be fair, they only scored two touchdowns, and one of those was a pick-six.

And, in true Iowa/PSU fashion, Iowa scored two safeties on bad PSU snaps to the punter.

I like this, because I see PSU punting quite a bit in Ann Arbor.

Wolverine 73

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Watching him trying to burn a time out to stop an already-stopped clock, and seeing his staffers grab him and pull him off the field was hysterical.  Elementary rule, and this overrated tool didn’t know it or got so emotional during the game that he forgot it.  Dantonio is a jerk, but his teams play above their talent level; Franklin’s play below theirs.


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Maybe he had a few after his win.

I’ve always thought they remained a very good team and the assumption here on the board in a lot of the threads is to look right past them to possible B10 championship. They make me uneasy. I’m confident we can beat them at home but they make me nervous. Right now I think I’d take playing OSU next week (they seem in disarray) vs playing Penn State.


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I think you're drawing false parallels between the team and the fan base. Whether the fans are looking past PSU or not is completely irrelevant to the team and their mindset heading into the game. As long as the locker room is dialed in, I dont really care what the fans think of PSU. 


October 28th, 2018 at 10:04 AM ^

PSU is an exceptionally poorly coached team.  There may not be a worse in-game coach in the Big Ten.

More to the point, the PSU game is only borderline relevant to the Big Ten title; beat Rutger, Indiana, and OSU, and Michigan goes to Indianapolis.  The only scenarios in which this game matters for the Big Ten title involve losing to OSU; Michigan also goes to Indy if they beat PSU, Rutger, and Indiana, and OSU loses a game.

So, yeah, it’s easy to look past PSU.


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Iowa is not very good. Their QB cannot throw. They scored most of their points off of turnovers and restricting on ST. PSU should have blown them out. Instead, they let them hang around. They would have lost if not for that INT at 3 yard line. I am much more confident about our game next Saturday against PSU. OSU still have skills on Offense. Their DBs are fast even if they are not very good. OSU has more talent to pull off a upset (Yes, M should be favored and love saying that). PSU and OSU are not at the Sam's level at players or at coaching