Jameis Winston to visit OSU

Submitted by jokenjin on December 7th, 2011 at 6:47 PM

Looks like the Urban Meyer effect is starting fast: Jameis Winston, who was/is committed to Florida State, will be taking an official to Ohio. I will be very interested to see which recruits he is able to poach away from other schools.

I want Hoke and Meyer to start a new 10 year war. That we win decisively.



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My little brother played travel baseball with him back in the day...getting Jameis to Columbus would be an enormous coup for Urban. I'm not too worried about it, and on the small chance that he does end up there there's nothing to say but "you put your 5-star out there, we'll do the same with ours and let's play." Like someone already mentioned, if he has baseball aspirations then OSU wouldn't be ideal; they've been good of late as far as I know but the Big Ten is a dreadful baseball conference.

Either way, my philosophy regarding all things Urban/Ohio right now is "bring it."


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You guys are all missing the point with JW and baseball.  JW will be drafted, will sign, and will play both sports a la Henson. The baseball program at the school he chooses will be irrelevant.  


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If he's a first round pick, he's not going to be playing college QB.  No MLB team would allow that.  I agree that the quality of the college baseball team of the school he chooses won't be a factor, but the risk is he's a top tier football talent who never sees the gridiron (a la Carl Crawford, Joe Mauer, etc.)


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Urban is going to get a lot of very talented kids, but I'd bet that Jameis Winston won't be one of them. I'd be more worried about him getting Stefon Diggs.


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Why should we be concerned about this...because Urban Meyer may or may not be landing a 5 star quarterback? I hope Urban Meyer builds up that program to the point where they are ranked top 5 every time we play them. That way we can put them in their place at the end of every season. 

It's funny how we only care about current prospects or players who haven't committed yet. We have a stud QB right now. Waiting for him to graduate is the #1 dual threat QB in the country in his class and a 5 star player according to scout. Waiting for HIM to graduate is another 5 star player who looks like he'll be the most hyped QB we've had since Chad Henne (our all time leading passer).

So, yeah. Urban better develop Miller and whoever else he brings in because the Wolverines will be bringing the motherfuckin ruckus every single season.

Doctor Wolverine

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I'm thinking these kids are visiting Columbus more because Urban is telling them how beautiful Ohio is this time of year. As the sewage freezes, the state smells a little less. That's the only logical explanation. Surely they aren't really interested in going to sweat and bleed for a school being punished for crimes these recruits had nothing to do with (to the best of our knowledge).


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When it comes to football, Ohio recruits itself and with Meyer at the helm, players like Diggs and Jameis will choose to attend tsio every year. That's great! It only makes a victory that much more sweeter or a defeat that less sorrowful when you facing them at their best as oppose to the alternative. Although it felt great to finally get a win this year, in reality it was a gimme game that Ohio played well in but that we should have won and had we loss, it would have been the worst loss in the history of this rivalry given the depleted state that Ohio was in. I want both schools at their best because as history has shown and the record indicates, Ohio's best has never been able match Michigan's. Fuck Ohio!!! Go Blue...


December 8th, 2011 at 1:37 AM ^

He's gonna bring it. Gotta have faith in Hoke. And he never really won in the SEC without Tebow. And as we are witnessing, Tebow is just a winner. And as sarcastic as that sounds, it just isn't sarcastic.


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...........Meyer just landed in a conference where he's gonna have issues winning like he did in his last couple years at Florida. I just don't see Meyer coming into the B1G and being a world-beater like Tressel was, even if they share the same ethics issues.

The SEC wasn't  considered the top college football conference in the nation before Meyer went to Florida. It wasn't like he went in and turned Florida into the top power in a conference of perennial heavyweights. The SEC overall was no better than the B12, B10, or even the ACC at that time. Miles came into the SEC the same year as Meyer, which is also the same year that Saban left for the NFL., and also the same year that Spurrier came back to cfb at South Carolina. Fulmer was still at Tennessee, but they hadn't been relevant for a couple years. And Richt was just starting his downslide at Georgia.

In all, the SEC when Meyer got there wasn't very good, all things considered. IMO, without Tebow, Meyer would have been as big a failure at Florida as the Zooker was, but without the top-notch recruiting Zook was known for.

Will Meyer succeed at Ohio? It all depends on if he can use Tressel's left over recruits to build something in these first couple of years. If he can, then the Ohio name and recent success (with Meyer at the helm) will continue to gather some pretty good recruits for a few years, but they will fall into a downslide. The question is when. I'd guess around year four of the Meyer regime at Ohio. I'm not scared in the slightest about what Meyer will do at Ohio.

We have a coach at Michigan who looks to have the program heading to the top of the B1G, and possibly to the top teams of cfb overall. We have a DC that it seems can turn our D's into northern versions of Bama's or LSU's D's the last few years. We will probably lose some to Ohio that we should win, but my guess is that Michigan will be on the favorable end of the head-to-head record between us and Ohio during Hoke's time here. I'm not scared of them or Meyer one bit.