Jalen Rose: "[UM does not] have a family-type atmosphere"

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Submitted without commentary, Jalen Rose knocked UM for their treatment of former players:

“Every Michigan coach has left unceremoniously, even the greatest coach in the University of Michigan history, the only coach that’s taken the school to three Final Fours and well as won a national championship, Steve Fisher, and also the Fab Five – Jalen Rose, Chris Webber, Juwan Howard, Ray Jackson, Jimmy King – who played in two Final Fours and national championship games, two of the seven that the university has had since the 1900s,” Rose continued, his voice rising.

“So when you’re not able to have a family-type atmosphere where everybody feels welcome and feels like their contribution to the school is noted from a basketball and or football perspective, the relationships become fractured, and that’s something Michigan has to improve on. Michigan State, when you watch their games, it could be a guy that averaged two points, but the fans are going to celebrate him and treat him like he’s family. That’s why Michigan has lagged behind Michigan State in basketball, and frankly, right now, that’s why Michigan State has evened the playing field.”




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Because more and more people are too young to remember how much of a black mark on the school's reputation that fiasco caused.  And to be honest, fans are irrational - look at PSU with Paterno for no better example.  So yeah, despite the fact that Fisher allowed all of that to occur under his watch and, at best, remained purposely ignorant of it, we get Jalen mouthing off about the University not caring about its students because they won't put his stupid banner back up.


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"How much of a black mark"

This is like people who are concerned with what trolls think about them. Tell me, who got hurt the most? Future Michigan basketball players. But they chose to come to Michigan, a school that shit on its basketball program for a good 10 years and refused to seriously invest in it.



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You seem like a charming individual.  Apparently, also someone who visits the Moderator thread because, I don't know, you love to revel in other people's annoyances.  And by the way, if you are the person going around negging people for no good reason, gotta wonder why you don't have literally anything better to do than wait for people to post on a blog.

UM did not "shit" on its basketball program.  I was there right after the Martin scandal broke and Ellerbe was out the door.  That team had its problems, and they hired Amaker to step in and at least give the team some credibility.  But what can a school do for a program that was dragged through the mud so heavily, especially when virtually all of the accusations turned out to be true?  You want the PSU level of denial?  Good luck trying to find that.

The school and basketball team never gave up on each other; Jalen Rose, Chris Webber, and a couple of other former players are trying to convince people that it was some big misunderstanding and that they were the victims.  The NCAA is broken in many ways, but there are LOTS of people who come to college sports in similar situaitons like Rose (and, frankly, Webber had a pretty nice life before he came to UM), and they find ways to not run afoul of these rules so egregiously.  


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I am not the least bit eager to take Fisher or Webber off of the shitlist.  They dug a 10-year hole for Michigan basketball.  Also, someone should remind Jalen that two of those Final Fours were vacated.

Webber acted poor when his parents had money and used his act as "justification" for taking Ed Martin's money.  Fisher decided to be an ostrich while all of this was going on around him.  I'm not so sure Jalen would want the idea that Perry Watson "delivered" him to the Wolverines revisited, either.  

If Jalen wants to be "part of the famkly," maybe he should act like part of the family first.


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Funny. They dug a 10-year hole. Ohio State's baddest seeds only caused a one-year hole. That's because, unlike here, the school did not abandon one of their two major athletic programs.

We DO have some major league assholes here with big influence on Michigan athletics. Ask Rich Rodriguez about that.


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That also talks to a degree about how each school handled their infractions as well as how the NCAA came down on them.  The NCAA was significantly more powerful/tougher on schools back in the 90s compared to today.  Had the situations occurred in the other's era, we'd probably see OSU get cratered while UM basketball bounces right back.  Also, this is the same OSU that carried Tressel around on their shoulders at halftime of the UM game what, a year after he left.

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The NCAA didn't force us to hire Ellerbe or let our facilities go to rot.  

All the NCAA did was strip us of one scholarship a year for four years, ban us from the postseason for one year (2002-03) and slap the 10-year ban on the four players.  Only the postseason ban really hurt, and that was just one season.  We hurt ourselves far worse with the horrible coaching hire (and followed it up with a mediocre hire in Amaker) and total neglect of facility upgrades for a long time.




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Seems pretty silly to blame the fans for MSUs success over the past 15-20 years.  I was thinking it was more secondary to the implosion of our program brought on by egregious violations of NCAA rules committed by our players/coaches.  That plus Izzo being an excellent coach taking advantage of the opening provided.


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My commentary:

I'm so sick of Jalen Rose.  Jalen, you got a raw deal and the banners are never going up.  Fine.  Quit acting like a petty, prideful juvenile. 

Michigan has a great, great family atmosphere.  John Beilein is a freaking saint in this regard.  There's many reasons so many players with NBA relatives have chosen Michigan.  For Jalen to throw the current coaches and players under the bus because of his personal vendetta is pathetic.

Section 1

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But this deserves a big pos-bang.  The content and timing of Jalen's comment is so freaking bad.

Dave Brandon loves Beilein, and I think it is precisely for being clean, being smart, and building a family atmosphere.  His coaching success is sort of a bonus, I gather.  I'm coming around to Brandon's view.  Jalen is really losing the thread in this case.  I say all of that as a onetime huge fan of Jalen's and a season basketball ticket holder for his entire Michigan career.

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No big deal; nobody has ever heard me complaining about Beilein.  I make something of a point, of not criticizing any of Michigan's coaches for anything that is technical.  All the coaches know more about what they do than I ever will.  I'm just a fan.  I don't think I've ever made a complaint about Beilein on the MGoBoard.

The reason that I was merely lukewarm on Beilein was just because I never really understood his system(s) or his program.  I still don't; at least not all the time.  I watch some games, and I don't get what it is they are doing on offense, and too often the defense doesn't look good.  But we've seen plenty of good results lately.  Good recruiting, good team management, good everything.

And I thought it worthwhile to respond to the Jalen comments as something other than a Beilein/Michigan fanboy.

Let's also remember the last time that a supposed "Michigan Man" trotted out the "famliy values" trope.  It was rank bullshit.


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For the most part, Beilein runs three sets.  Two shuffle series and the Princeton-based chin series.  Then a ton of set plays that are offshoots off those.  


You'll see this when two players run through to the baseline after the initial pass to the wing.  The point is to isolate two options, one cutting to the basket off a guard's screen.  The other, a screen the screener action for a 3.  This can later evolve into a PnR opportunity.  



This is one player cycling through.  Then pass to the top of the key with emphasis on exploiting the pin down screen.  This is the same play that got GR3 open for jumpers against Wisconsin.  And that Pittsnogle would pop out for 3's with WV (expect to see Donnal doing that next year).  If those are defended well, you'll see a backscreen for an alleyoop, then some dribble handoff action.  




An immediate pass to the center.  Two main actions initially.  A backcut, and then a fade screen for the guy throwing that potential backcut.  This is actually diagrammed differently than how it's run now.




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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPTfuUYV0bs (full Iowa game)

You'll see Michigan run that wide pindown 4 times in the first 6 minutes.  Designed to put Stauskas's defender in a bind.  You see Iowa denying the catch, which opens up the backcut (which Michigan didn't really exploit).  But anyway, Stauskas by the third time seeing it has figured out how to use White's positioning against him.


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Just in case anyone wants to see what the Beilein offense looks like now as opposed to the Classic WVU version, here's the '05 tourney (PITTSNOGLE!) vs. a Bobby Knight Texas Tech outfit:


The base actions are very similar, though the ball screen emphasis is obviously severely lacking. That said, it IS in there and does lead their PG to some opportunities in the lane. The current set up is a lot more stripped down. Partly, I'd assume, to account for less teaching time given the relative constrains of coaching guys like D-Mo and Burke. 

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I didn't criticize anything about Beilein. I said he knows more than I ever will. I stated why I thought Brandon adores Beilein. I said I was warming up to Beilein. He's doing a good job. I really appreciate the couple of posts before your stupid contribution -- both of them very smart indeed -- to help people like me understand Beilein's offense.

I never once said that I knew or disliked Beilein personally.  My point was that my "lukewarm" feeling about Beilein's tenure was my own, personally.  I'd never try to convince anyone else of the point.

In fact I have met Beilein, casually, and have had a couple of superficial conversations with him, both in the parking lot outside of Crisler on football game days.  A lot of people have done that, because it isn't at all hard to find Beilein being very generous with his time and attention on those occasions.  You could not imagine a nicer and more down to earth big time basketball coach in those circumstances.

Now; having said all of those nice things about Beilein (and let's not forget to add praise for Beilein's assembling and retaining a great staff) and about some other MGoBoarders, I can say; you are a real dumb ass.  I'm very sorry that I only have one downvote for you.

Mabel Pines

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Haven't read much of Section 1's posts.  He/She seems normal. 

That being said- here's my fave part of this post:  "All the coaches know more about what they do than I ever will...I don't get what it is they are doing on offense..." 

Mystery solved.  You don't get it because the coaches know more than you.  So sit back and enjoy!  Michigan is finally good at Bball.  Let's just go with it!


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Why all the negbombs? Yeah, kinda a weird to be luke warm on Beilien, but all the negs?

Then I looked at the poster - Section 1. No wonder.

Must be tough to walk around all day with the taste of vinegar in your mouth and onions in your eyes. You log on and your only relief is to bash everyone who has ever been successful. What ever makes you feel good dude.

Section 1

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That might have helped.

Sparty could use a guy like Ed Martin.

Dear Jalen; we'll be a nice warm loving family once again when you condemn Ed Martin once and for all, explicitly, comprehensively, and in the strongest possible language.

We have standards.