Jalen Rose turns 40 today

Submitted by LongLiveBo on January 30th, 2013 at 2:55 PM

Happy birthday, Jalen. I can't believe you are that old because of how old that makes me. 40? Really? Youth is wasted on the young.



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Jalen was on ESPN analyzing why how M got back to the top of the rankings a couple days ago.

His reason? We're back to recruiting our neighborhood - Detroit and Flint.

Michigan currently has 1 player from Detroit (Morgan), 1 player from Kzoo (Person) and 2 from the burbs (Horford, Grand Ledge; Akunne, Ann Arbor).

Forgive me, but I really don't like Jalen that much. If he can't be bothered to know the roster of his alma mater that is ranked #1, then I find it tough to consider him anything more than an ill-informed talking head.


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But, we are recruiting our backyard.  It doesn't mean that we will land those players.  In his podcast, he mentioned that Izzo had a strangle hold on in-state recruiting and our return to the top also comes with loosening the hold that Izzo had on Michigan recruits. 


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No, no, no.   Jalen and the left-overs from the Fab-Five were Juniors when I was a Freshman at UofM.  So if he's 40, then that would make me 38 which is not ..... Oh, shit.  I turn 38 in 2 weeks.


To all you young kids out there:  No matter what anyone tells you... drink as much as you want, nail as many women as you want, and rack up all those credit cards travelling the world and buying UM bowl tickets.  You are only young once.


This has been a Public Service Announcement



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I'm with you in spirit but your advice should be amended slightly:

Absolutely drink, but avoid getting fucked up.

Nail as many women as you want - AMEN. Avoid dating at all costs.

GO to the games. Football, basketball, baseball, hell even take in a meet at Canham.

Take in the campus, fill it with positive memories - God I miss that entire place.

DO NOT rack up debt, my bill for Michigan was $24k/yr. Pay off your shit and save the world trips till after you are done with kids.



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Happy Birthday, Jalen!

I was in the early portion of high school during the Fab Five period actually, and came to Michigan at then end of the Fisher regime. I still have a collection of programs and photos from those seasons though. I hope my body has some sort of renaissance and I look that good in 5 years when I turn 40.

Cali Wolverine

January 30th, 2013 at 7:08 PM ^

I kid, I kid...wow I am old now. How soon until one of the Fab Five or '97/'98 championship team members has a kid going to play for Michigan?

Oh...and happy b-day Mr. Rose!


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I gotta be honest, I had always thought Jalen Rose was the thug of the Fab Five.  I thought he would leave early for the NBA (he did) and we would never hear from him again.

I'm pleased to be so wrong.  He has turned out to be strong supporter of the University and a great, if outspoken, ambassador for Michigan.  He is an asset to the program, with or without the Fab Five background.  

Plus, he's just plain fun to listen to on basketball broadcasts.