Jalen Rose tells all - recruiting

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"I want to paint a picture," Rose said. "What you see at a bachelor or bachelorette party is what happens on a recruiting visit."

And if you're not familiar with such parties? "Yes, there is drinking," Rose said. "Yes, there is members of the opposite sex that are present. Remember, they're trying to woo me to the campus.

"And as a 17-year-old kid, first off, if I'm not getting laid, I'm not coming. I'm not signing. I'm not coming."



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how UM fans absolutely hate hearing the truth about their program. Just love living in denial. To bad there wasn't enough money for both Hand and Peppers. It takes a lot to get a 5 star to latch onto a sinking ship. This is obviously what Hand chose the engineering program at Bama, UM spent all its cash on Jabril


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So he's supposed to call out other schools but keep everything hush hush about Michigan? You know we already got blasted with sanctions, right? Not like people are just now going to start looking suspiciously at the Fab Five.

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Its pretty funny to see the reactions to the Louisville story and this. I won't bother contrasting them and pointing out the obvious hypocricsy, but as I read through the comments they are mostly blasting Rose while saying nothing about the University...

Everyone - at least those commenting, and I realize that doesn't really reflect the fanbase as a whole - seems mostly okay that it was happening. Interesting.


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You imagined it.  I was here, and the consensus was that he could have been more diplomatic about it, and could have been more aware of Stanford's problems in that regard, but that he had a good point.

You may have hated him, and constructed a memory of being in the majority, but that's not what happened.

And Jim harbaugh was the name you have as much trouble remembering as you have trouble remembering the discussion on the board.

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Wolpherine2000 you have hit the nail square on the head. Don't let the revisionists tell you any other way. This shift has been at the back of my mind since this past Dec.

Don't get me wrong I'm all for Harbaugh (first UofM QB I remember as a child), but the fact he has been soviet style rehabilitated in the eyes of MGoBlog is utterly undeniable.

Further, it's curious to see the parallels between what was said here in Hokes first season and Harbaughs. The way THAT has been purged is amazing. (clap,clap,clap) Not that this is predictive of season two and beyond results.

I tend to approach it like Philip Seymour Hoffman in Charlie Wilsons War.

I've been here since start of the RichRod era and as you know groupthink RULES MGoBlog, neg away pos bang clowns.


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It's been happening for years.  It's just part of the game.  I have said on more than one occasion here that if I was a 17 year-old recruit, I would be taking as many "visits" as I possibly could.  

That is just another reason why I think the NCAA should tear up 95% of their rulebook regarding recruiting and eligibility and just let the kids take whatever boosters, "hostesses" and schools want to give them.

Most of all, they are too stupid to realize that if players at elite schools could take endorsements, many of them would stay for their full eligibility because they would be worth more in the endorsement market as a college star than as an NFL or NBA bench-warmer.


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at what college athletics was like before the NCAA existed. Virtually every rule in the NCAA book is there for very good reasons.

I agree that college athletics is a cesspool in desperate need of being cleaned up. What most people don't realize is that college athletics is far cleaner now than it ever has been.


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It saddens me that so many people are too stupid to realize that, if schools pit players against one another for endorsement and booster dollars, their team is going to play ike shit and their fans are going to depart because there are already better pro teams in every sport than any college can offer.

The idea that colleges can out-NFL the NFL or out-NBA the NBA is absurd.


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I am not sure what sort of 17-year old kid you were. But I know when i was 17 and there was a chance at woman and some partying, i would have thought i died and went to heaven. And of the thousands of 17 year olds I knew at the time, I couldn't name you 2 or 3 that wouldn't have loved the experience. So here we have a player telling you what a 17-year old was honestly thinking and experiencing and somehow we are all in some ivory tower, tsk, tsking. I may look at it differently now with nearly a lifetime of experience, but I have not become too big of a hyprocrite yet to not understand the different rationalizations and feelings of a 17 year old.


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I assumed 17 year old boys liked to play Scrabble on weekends, much less recruiting visits! Kidding side, we all know what goes on but I think it's incredibly stupid and hilarious when a coach is dumb enough to directly handle the benefits. It's the bagman's job to give the kids spending money go away/shut up and the player host's job to get you laid. There are kids that truly want to chill and play video games, etc but those are rare and the school tends to have them scouted enough to know what they want in a visit. They already know if he's shy or wild or whatever. Seeing that Louisville coach/staff member pay hookers from his pocket is just dumb and not how you go about it. Yet, the acts themselves happen EVERYWHERE. I've heard crazy stuff about powers as well as some of the seemingly "boring" schools. It's what goes on but most just use the student body and basic college fun rather than hookers.


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I can speak for myself. I was constently reinforced the message of entering adulthood and thus needed to demonstrate a certain maturity. This maturity included all areas of my life including work, studies, and the way I handled myself in relationships.

We excuse kids for "being kids" when the problem is that parents act like kids and don't instill values into their children. Jalen is speaking as if what he did was a virtue when it is actually a poor reflection on himself and the University recruiting process.


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is a "glory days" element to Jalen Rose that makes him seem kind of pathetic at times.  For a long time I thought that Webber was petty and that he alienated the rest of that group for no good reason.  The more Jalen Rose talks the more I begin to think that Jalen was "the rebel" who Webber admired in a very immature sense because Rose broke from the norm and "stuck it to the man," and that Webber has just moved on and finds him annoying.  He is beginning to seem like that really cool friend you had in 10th grade that you bump into 20 years later and he still wants to talk about that "one time at that crazy party" and then asks you if you want to go to the bar on Tuesday cuz there is going to be a sick DJ there.


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I think Chris gets a horrible rap because he's more introverted and has always taken a likening to letting his game/actions speak for him.  Jalen is the class clown everyone loves, everyone wants to be around, everyone wants to believe what he says and follow him because he does have a level of charisma that Chris doesn't possess.  With that said I have always found Chris to the much more well spoken and intelligent of the two when they speak, and pardon all of us that he does not feel like he owes UM an apology for taking a few hundred grand on the side when he was the driving force behind a cultural revolution that began in amateur sports.  I can personally see both of their sides and understand how they are just two former "brothers" who cannot ever see eye to eye.


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from Ed Martin?  Ed Martin was taking care of Chris long before he was ever wearing the Maize and Blue.  You think C Webb was the first and only player in college sports to ever take money from a booster?  LOL.  I encourage you to read or watch sports journalism a little more.  What's his name Dupree the OU running back said live on ESPN a couple weeks ago that a booster told him that he would be paid 100k per game if he chose that school.  OK St. & Texas boosters have some of the biggest wallets in college sports.


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Jalen feels the need to discuss it, at length, all the time.  And every time it seems like he believes he is telling you this big revelation where you are like, tell me more Jalen, tell me more.  We have just heard enough of Jalen.  His last year playing basketball at Michigan was 21 years ago.  21 years.  Just come to games and cheer for Michigan.  That would be the best way to be involved with the program at this point.


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Well, to be fair to Jalen, talking about these things is his job. He has a radio show and a podcast which are in large part centered around him giving insights into the life of a famous professional athlete. Using his own personal experiences to talk about what's going on with certain players or behind the scenes situations. 

A lot of his stories, like stealing Patrick Ewing TV, are gold.


October 22nd, 2015 at 12:07 PM ^

Jalen should stop talking about all the parties and the girls and yada yada because they are stories he tells constantly to any media outlet that will listen.

He says "Oh I get it so Jalen should not have a job and be able to get paid and have a life" etc.

Nobody said that.  That is the strawman. Contriving your own argument to defeat in order to "win" a discussion in which nobody but you advanced the premise you are arguing against.


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But that is his job. He's paid to talk about his life and his experiences and the current climate of basketball. There are regular people are interested willing to pay him and pay attention to him when he speaks about scandals, especially considering he was involved in the black mark on the university that every rival constantly brings up.

I mean, I'm not exactly thrilled at the implications here, but would you rather he lie when directly asked about how his life experiences relate to what is going on at Louisville to protect  his reputation and the university? That would only look worse when someone else comes out and says, "Yeah, I saw Jalen Rose Eiffel Tower some chick back in 91!"

Better to just own up and explain when you are directly confronted. No good comes from denial and even a no comment is usually seen as an admission in the court of public and media opinion.


October 23rd, 2015 at 4:03 AM ^

"he tells constantly to any media outlet that will listen." You make it sound like he calls up newspapers and tells them to listen to what he has to say.

Also, what I said obviously wasn't framed as a logical argument. Lighten up.