Jalen Rose talks Michigan win

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A few weeks back, at the beginning of the tournament, Jalen Rose made some comments about how he hoped to reunite the Fab Five by getting tickets to watch the Wolverines play in Atlanta.  Always the polarizing figure on these very pages*, this was met with mixed reaction.

Some people said things along the lines of, "Jalen, it's not about you and the Fab Five anymore.  Why would you announce that you are buying courtside tickets with the rest of the Fab Five and make it all about you, you're so selfish, etc."

Personally, I like Jalen Rose and think he has been a (mostly) good representative for the University.  I did not mind the comments, though I can understand why some may have felt that way.

ANYWAY, on sportcenter they asked Rose to compare the current team to the Fab Five (this is inevitable, and certainly not the fault of Jalen), and it seems like he took some of y'alls criticism to heart, specifically saying that he did not want to make the comparison because this team is special in their own way, and this final four trip is about them.  Good for him.

Link?  http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=9118211   Link.

* Shout out to THE_KNOWLEDGE.   Pretty awesome how he picked Wichita St. in the final four.

** He didn't do it on these very pages, but obvs. he did, and is totally soaring.



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A search of the diaries of THE_KNOWLEDGE provide no specific references other than that of "a National Championship run" and a promised review of the Tournament results. 

As to the phone interview with Jalen Rose, I liked that he restated some of the things that really make Trey Burke a cut above on the court, if you will, and I liked how he put one in particular - "he gives up good shots to get great shots". It wasn't anything that had not already been discussed here, but I did enjoy hearing Jalen really being into this team's success. 


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Is that a credible rumor that the Fab 5 partied after their first Final Four game? Or do you just assume they did because they lost the NC game? I've never heard of such a rumor, but perhaps one exists, so I'll refrain from calling you an idiot.


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I remember feeling pretty good my junior year when the Fab Five was rolling, too. Best team to not win a title. Not going to lie, I loved those guys. Really wish there hadn't been a problem so the whole family could come together in support and celebration.


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I really hope the Fab Five goes to Atlanta. Would be great if this years team can accomplish something they never did. And what's great are the completely opposite styles of play (and coaching)


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Some friends and I were discussing this whole Fab 5/current team situation. 

Agreement it would have been cool to see the team in black socks/black shoes (even if adidas)...the kids today must like those lemon (that is NOT maize) coloured shoes.

Jalen's classy about this team.


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Some people will always be negative but i think the majority love Jalen..I do because he is proud to be a Wolverine and always supports them and is honest at the same time..Go Blue


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You should tell the networks (all of them) and print media (all of them) and blogs (probably all of them) not to mention that this is the first time we've been to the FInal Four since the Fab 5.  

It's not "making it about guys that played 20 years ago".  It's a backstory and it's interesting.  No one (except for a few diehards here) will be bothered by a segment (similar to the one, every game, of Tim Hardaway Sr., and now GRII) noting the Fab 5 in the stands.  Maybe we'd even see some cool highlights of another dominant Michigan team that excites "the youth".  Oh, the horror.

Of course, we could hear about McGary's unicycle again and wonder why THII doesn't pull his hat down a little.

I say, "Fuck it!"  Bust out the Fab 5 uni's, everyone shave their heads and shock the world.  Enjoy the run.


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Did people really get pissed off that Jalen was happy for Michigan and mentioned it'd be cool to go cheer them on in the Final Four? What's he supposed to do? Go into hiding so no one will even mention his name? God, you'd think some people would wish he was cheering for the opposition instead so they could have a legitimate reason to hate him.


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I love Jalen. What he has done for the program and what he has done for the young students of Detroit is far more than enough to warrant the respect of us all. Also, it wouldn't be selfish for him to root for the new team from the sidelines. I appreciate him, his efforts for his team, his work for Detroit, and I haven't heard anything in these cited interviews that is anything other than classy.