Jalen Rose discusses the work involved in creating his leadership academy

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I know an article was posted regarding Rose's academy graduation, but this is his reaction to it all happening. 

It's amazing to hear how much effort Rose put into making his vision successful and helping those around him. Glad to have Rose representing UM! 

He talks about it in the first 10 minutes of the Youtube podcast. 




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I think he played up his day-to-day efforts in the school a bit, but JLRA has become an example the right way to do charter schools.  That's a major testament to Jalen and his founding team.  Hard to believe it has been 4 years.  I know some of the staff at JRLA and they are fantastic teachers that do amazing work.

Ricky from Sunnyvale

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Deion Sanders tried to open/co-fund his own prep school/academy in Texas and had a lot of problems with it, Emmanuel Mudiay went there and had problems getting into SMU with the credits he got from "PRIME Prep" part of the reason he had to play in China last season. I don't think these are easy things to open and are rife with corruption, grant stealing and bribery.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prime_Prep_Academy 

Jalen seems to be very passionate about JRLA. Hope those kids know how lucky they are. 


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"Optional" for under privileged people (though it really isn't.)   Should not be optional for a multi-millionaire who is making a ton of money off children.   I find it very difficult to praise a man who is essentially stealing from the tax payer.

I'll praise him all day for his accomplishments at Michigan 20 years ago. 


*And I understand you were being sarcastic.   


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Sarcastic, yes. But speaking of stealing from the taxpayer, many in the suburbs pay more taxes than those in the City  (via the city income tax) yet receive no gov't representation, subsidize the water bills of those in the City who don't pay them, subsidize their schools via paying more state taxes generally, etc, etc.

*I realize you're talking about abuse of the charter school system, which is completely different than what I'm referencing. I'm just venting.


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It's a shame that HarbaughorBust decided to turn this thread into a rant against charter schools. Shame on you for making this something political to serve your own selfish needs.

When Jalen did with these kids is heroic. Period. Ask any one of those parents how they feel about him. Look at the Facebook comments on the stories from the parents and grandparents. They're beyond grateful for what he did.

Your comment that Jalen is "stealing from the tax payer" shows that you don't have a clue what you're talking about. He's pumped millions of his own money into this school to get it up and running, and he hasn't made a dime off it.

Jalen Rose didn't have to do this. He could have written a nice check to the University of Michigan and felt good about himself and just kept to himself over at ESPN and ABC. Starting a charter school and working to make a charter school successful is damn hard work. As a result of what he did, 90-some kids graduated last week, and 100 percent of those kids are now going to college or into the military. These Detroit kids have a brighter future because of Jalen Rose.

And what does he get for his efforts? He gets to see HarbaughorBust accusing him of "stealing from the tax payer."

Shame on you.


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Nice attack with no evidence or explanation. What bills is he not paying? I am sure he is managing the day to day accounting of the school. Of course a simple google search would tell you that American Promise Schools runs day to day operations.  So if the school owes you money you may want to start with them.

The only reference to bills not being paid found on the web is something on the red cedar message board from 2012.  Do you spend a lot of time over there? 

You go on to indicate that Jalen is making a ton of money off children.  Is he getting paid for his efforts related to the school? I don’t get the impression that this is a money making effort for him but if it is you could at least provide some evidence.

Look, if Jalen Rose Academy owes you or some acquaintance money you should deal with the organization that owes the money, American Promise Schools.  Jumping on the web to bash Jalen, with no evidence, who likely has nothing to do with the day to day operations, is weak.

I heard a rumor that Jalen Rose Academy is not paying the bills of some contractor owned by an mgoborad commentator named HarbaughorBust.  Apparently they do lousy work and then sue their customers to collect on work not completed. I’ll praise HarbaughorBust for all his great comments on Michigan but it’s just not OK for corrupt contractors to steal from schools.  See how easy it is to put a random attack on the internet?