Jalen Rose Appreciation Thread !

Submitted by RealJabrill on March 5th, 2014 at 11:31 PM

The stock on Michigan Basketball couldn't be hotter right now and alot of credit goes to where it should - like Beilein and his coaching staff, and the players.  The last few years have brought acclaim and fun basketball back to Ann Arbor.  Michigan recruits good kids who represent the school well.  And, we're competitive with the elite programs and improving year by year.

But, I've noticed that members of the community have been dogging Jalen for being so vociferous about inclusion of the Fab 5's inclusion back to the fold.  I, for one, think it  could have a good effect on the school.  Alot of ppl now a days dont even know the history of the team and its iconic brand of basketball.  But alot of ppl do and I'm glad that Beilein and Co. have been so receptive of their input and support.  

Jalen Rose wasnt implicated in the Martin Scandal and by all measures has been a model for the school.   He had an illustrious NBA career and has become a solid broadcaster and personality.  His Grantland segments are gold.  He loves Michigan almost as much as he loves himself.  So, why begrudge him to use his platform to try to get what he wants.  It might be what is best for the school.


CRISPed in the DIAG

March 6th, 2014 at 8:50 AM ^

Yeah. Didn't you realize that the official position of the board is that Jalen is a self-promoter who is only liked by older people who can't stop talking about a discredited bygone era of Michigan basketball?!  And didn't you realize that talking about the Fab 5 diminishes the accomplishments of our current team?  Didn't you?!!


March 5th, 2014 at 11:43 PM ^

For some reason a lot of people don't like the fab 5 around here. I understand not liking Webber but the other 4 didn't do anything wrong. A lot of Michigan football players talk about their days in Ann Arbor but it's frowned upon when Rose does the same.

OMG Shirtless

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you might be able to omit the pie dish part and just lay the dough over the filling.... Sounds delicious...

As for Jalen, I think he's a remarkable guy.  As comfortable in the neighborhood he grew up in as he is as a "Disney Employee" as he his crushing beers at a frat party.  I don't agree with everything he says or does, but we shouldn't underestimate his heart or intellect.

Willis Ward

March 6th, 2014 at 12:04 AM ^

under 5 when the fab five were on campus, you hate them because you view them as having ruined the basketball years you actually can remember. For those of us that are a bit older, it was glorious and we still love them, and can forgive Chris for the mistakes he made as a teenager. Obviously, there are exceptions to this. But it gets old to hear people that weren't even born when they played here trash them and suggest they shouldn't be welcomed back.


March 6th, 2014 at 12:49 AM ^

"...You hate them because you view them as having ruined the basketball years..."

Sorry, but being a little bit younger is not an excuse for general view that is short-sighted at best and asinine at worst.




March 6th, 2014 at 1:35 AM ^

I'm not clear as to what you're saying. 

I for one, am older, and it's not so much the Fab Five as somewhat some of them, but also the coach who let all this happen and an administration ever eager to hop on its own petard, and the fact that the feds got in the act, and some bad hires in the years that followed - but - 

Ten fucking years of my life. I cannot tell you what a consistent source of agony, frustration, and despair it was to have Michigan basketball as a successful entity removed from my life. Or degraded into the most sisyphean clusterfuck - a purveyor of utter madness. I watched all those years, but it was just bad basketball, played by players who weren't good enough, coached by coaches who couldn't get the players to play in any manner that remotely resembled a plan. 

I'm mad at someone about that bullshit, and I will always be mad about it. For some of us who this basketball program means so much to, it was a decade that was nearly unbearable. I knew the day they hired John Beilein that the ridiculous era had finally come to an end and that we would play with cohesion and a sense of what the hell we were doing. And I backed him to the hilt because I believed he was the man to lead us out of the wilderness. Where I almost lost my mind. 



March 6th, 2014 at 1:52 AM ^

Really? Who are you speaking on behalf of?
And forgive Chris? How do you forgive someone who takes no ownership (he is an adult now, I think)?

Trust me, I am older, and while I loved that era when it was here, and I still love 4/5 of them, I am an exception to your self proclaimed rule. Worse than bad basketball, that shit (the scandal) embarrassed Michigan. I will forgive when forgiveness is asked for. But I quit holding my breath on that.

Naked Bootlegger

March 6th, 2014 at 8:35 AM ^

Word to MGoBrewMom.   It was a wild ride based on a false premise that Chris Webber was playing by the rules.  I love Juwan.   I appreciate Jalen's passion for UM.  Jimmy and Ray were solid 4 year players and a huge part of that crazy experience.   I personally cheered those years in Crisler as a student.  But I just can't conjure up good vibes of that era due to the dismal death spiral it caused to our hoops program, and this ultimately colors my final opionion of that era.


March 6th, 2014 at 8:53 AM ^

That's the difference between us and Miami/Oklahoma etc.... We owned up to the mistake/crime and paid the price.  The banners don't hang.  We feel shame.  Ask a buckeye or sooner whether they feel shame over the behavior/coddling of Jarvis Redwine or Mo Clarrett... I can tell you the answer... They don't.

Lucky Socks

March 6th, 2014 at 6:26 AM ^

I was under 5. Love them. Read the book a dozen times. Upset, yeah. But I blame Martin and questionable judgment by Webber. It's not clear when he took the money, and it's not clear under what circumstance. Ultimately we've seen it happen a half dozen times since to varying degrees, with a dirty secret/assumption that it happened a lot back then and still does now. So I blame the NCAA more. We got caught, and we were martyred by the NCAA and UofM.

Plus it was only Webber in the Fab 5. The rest of the five doesn't deserve to be ignored, even if we can't mend (or don't choose to accept) a relationship with CWebb

I digress. I love the Fab Five.


March 6th, 2014 at 12:23 AM ^

But I dont know what could be the harm with him promoting himself and Michigan at the same time.  He is one of the noteworthy Alums with a constant microphone to voice his intelligent opinions and a huge audience.  While Beilein and Co. are churning out wins and NBA players, Jalen Rose can keep the spotlight on Michigan burning bright.