Jake Long runs for the first time in 1.5 years

Submitted by Moleskyn on March 14th, 2018 at 1:53 PM

I had no idea his injury was so bad, but Jake Long posted a video on Twitter yesterday of himself running for the first time in a year and a half:

Here's the text from his tweet:

Long way until “normal” but 1st time running in 1 1/2 years. After ruptured Achilles, “fluke” re-rupture, almost losing my foot from infection, 3 emergency surgeries, removing the graft (5 total surgeries)and not walking for almost a year. It was a good day!!




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Here's the embed:


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Been through a torn achillies myself and it sucks to get back and I didn't have to deal with the infection he has, can only imagine how much that would set you bakc.   Jake was a great player at UM and the NFL and class act.  I see from the video he works out at the same franchise I do.  


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Great news!

I physically pumped into Jake my freshman year at UM near the fisbowl.  We were both sort of in a hurry and cut the corners tight.  Ran right into him and bounced back on my ass a good 5 feet or so.  He apologized and helped me up. Couldn't have been nicer. 

Cool story bro.

Edit: Was just checking out his wikipedia.  Had no idea he was caught in a house fire.


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He could coach left tackle...Achilles SUCKS. Blew mine out almost 20 years ago. Took three to return to football, and even now it is uncomfortable if I overwork it or in cold weather.


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Still a young man (31-32 years old)   

Im not saying he should try to play in the NFL again but that would be a hell of a comeback

He will get some college football hall of fame votes,.1st pick in NFL Draft,Freshman All American.two time 1st team All American ,BIG10  OL of the year  back to back years

Still has one of the best OL workouts in NFL combine history



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Good for him. I’m actually in a lot of Achilles’ tendon related surgeries. In fact I’m in the OR right now waiting for one to start.

An Achilles tear is very common obviously and low risk repair. But when it gets infected and begins to necrotize that’s where you have to worry. Your entire foot and leg could be 100% healthy. But there are few options to replace an Achilles’ tendon. Amputation as he mentioned is usually the next step, no pun intended.


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This is great news and glad to see Jake trying to get back into the swing of things.

I've run into him briefly once or twice in Ann Arbor - always struck me as a very nice guy and very easy to cheer for.