Jake Fisher to Oregon

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Per Sam Webb via Allen Trieu. Apparently they talked to his HS coach



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I thought that moving to Seattle would be a reprieve from the cold, however, I might just take snow over 40 straight days of 40 degree drizzle... Yesterday was the first sun I saw this year... :-/


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sucks we didn't get him, but bet on the fact that next year is a deep class and hoke with a full year to recruit, will land an equal or better OT recruit, like jordan diamond.


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sucks we didn't get him, but bet on the fact that next year is a deep class and hoke with a full year to recruit, will land an equal or better OT recruit, like jordan diamond.


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Oregon is putting it together. The rumors appear to be confirmed that they stole DeAnthony Thomas from USC following an official visit last weekend. 5 star do everything, top 15 in the country all-around.  He has been in their verbal back pocket for nearly a year and is a local kid from Crenshaw High.  That is a huge poach and get if it happens. Might be looking at a top 3 recruiting class at Oregon the way this is going.

Winning and one of the poshest glitziest football complexes in the nation will do that for you. We lost to  the current flavor of the month and a true 800 lb gorilla in one package. No shame in that. Good luck to Jake Fisher.


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Wow!...How times have changed, "Oregan over Michigan"...This class is so depressing It's amazing to see all these huge FRONT PAGE write up's on middiling 3* players...I think we should save the rest of the schollorships 4 next yr. except 4 Cooper.


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a fucking idiot.  Michigan is better than Oregon in every catagory.  It was the coaching change that pushed him away.  Maybe he would have stayed if we had a coach in place in December but who knows. 

Maybe Kelly told him that he would start as a freshman, or that he would have Golden Pussy every day in his dorm.  The point is that you have no idea as to why he chose Oregon. 

I dont care if we get all 3* and 4* kids, like Chuck, Like Desmond, like Denard.  So Sparty, you can leave this board.

Yost Ghost

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When you say wins do you mean like the all time win record or perhaps the all time win percentage. Is that really where you want to start the comparison? Yes they had more wins than we did last year and went to the NCG. But that stuff can change a lot from year to year. I'm not sayin UM is better in every category that's absurd. But we are in quite a few. I wish Fisher and Zettel would have given the new staff more of a chance but oh well life goes on.


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thats what we as passionate fans/alumni believe but not the target population that we are recruiting.  The reality is that most of the kids that we are recruiting do not care about the legacy - its mostly about right now: Nike, ESPN publicity, BCS Bowls, etc... This is where Oregon has dominated over us recently.  Only one cure: basically we need to win soon and win big otherwise this trend will continue. 


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that I believe Oregan is better than Michigan..I simply was quoting his choice, his choice not mine...I love Michigan and always will It just hurt's to see a kid from nortern Michigan go half way across the country to play football when the greatest University in the country is just down the road.....It's troubling that's all...


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Better in every way?  Really?  How did that go back in 2007 for ya?  Oh hey, didnt you notice them playing in the Rose Bowl and then barely losing in the National Championship game?   So i guess if thats what you mean by being better in every way..haha

Blue Chevy in OTown

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I understand wanting to feel comfortable with the coaching staff, but Fisher and Zettel grew up Maize and Blue!  I hope he regrets his decision when we are beating Oregon in the N.C. game in Pasadena, a few years from now.


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Thats what hurts the most about this is that Zettel and Fisher came from families that supported Michigan.  They were hesitant about the State of the program (or were Snake Oil'ed from Auburn and Oregon, respectively).  Its not very encouraging when 4* recruits that are fans of Michigan do not end up signing with our Program.  The finger points should be on Dave Brandon - I have been a fan of him but he made some key missteps the past few months.  I digress, however, its NSD and I welcome the kids that are joining the family and give well wishes to those going elsewhere.


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We'll know how big a deal his loss in this recruiting class was someimte in 2 to 3 years if any of us even bother to look back.  He might be a big plus at Oregon, might turn into a tight end, might never even see the field.  Might get lost in the shuffle and find himself transferring.  Who knows? 

If our past 3 years, niegh even our past deacde of Michigan football has taught us anything, it is that:


"Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future."

―Yoda to Michigan Faithful





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.... he was thinking with the little head, rather than the heart.

Unfortunately he will find out that the cheerleaders don't do 6'-7", 273# linemen.


(...and it's NOT the fucking coaching change!  Enough already!  RichRod is on a cable channel right now viewable by a whopping 2% of USA households.)


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First of all, wrong--cheerleaders do do 6'7" linemen. It's weird but they do. Second, enough of all these people putting down the kid's decision to make a big change in his life and move out west. This is not an indication of the job that Hoke or his staff or DB has done with the coaching change.
<br>Oregon is a great school with ridiculous facilities AND they just played in the national championship. They are exciting as hell and poised to dominate the PAC 12 for years to come so why wouldn't it make sense that this kid who has lived in gloomy ass Michigan take the opportunity to do something different.
<br>The bipolar disorder on this board can be so obnoxious. At one point this guy is such a great player that he is the lynchpin for this recruiting class and the leader of our OL beginning in his freshman year, now he decides to go to Oregon and he might not even crack the starting lineup or possibly be moved to TE. Give me a break. There are tons of kids like this out there and Hoke will get his fair share of them. Why would anyone slam a 17 year old kid for making an exciting and difficult decision rather than going the easy route? There is plenty of upside potential for him with this decision and he should be applaude for it even if it's not ideal for us. It's not like he decided to go to Columbus. It says nothing about our program or the staff.


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I don't know...I'm sitting at home 30 minutes north of Eugene and I see bright skies and the temps are supposed to be mid 50s all week.  Maybe a slight drizzle or two, but not "unrelenting rain".  The Oregon rain meme is greatly exaggerated in my opinion.

Seattle? Rain.  Portland?  Quite a bit of rain.  Eugene and Corvallis?  Protected by the valley.  Small showers, sometimes frequent...but nothing too bad, and MUCH more mild than Michigan.  Friday we'll be up to 60 degrees, I see Lansing Michigan will be around 18 degrees. 

If Jake made weather his deciding factor (silly in my opinion), then he chose right.


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If by legacy you're referring to the entire history of UM football, you're absolutely correct. Far too many people assume that all 18-year old kids are going to be wowed by what happened in 1969 or before, and the fact is that virtually none of them even care that much about what happened in 1997, since they were only 4 years old at the time. They probably started paying real attention to college football when they were 8 or 9, which means that their impression of UM football is dominated by losing to Ohio State virtually every year going back to 2001, getting pounded by USC in two Rose Bowls, the Appy State and Oregon beatdowns, and especially the disappointing if not frequently miserable results during RR's tenure.

I think that RR and BH should be congratulated for starting and finishing as good a recruiting class as it is, given all that.

The only thing that will change perceptions is wins, and that has to include beating Michigan State, and most particularly Ohio State. It's obvious Hoke has those games as priorities, and it will be interesting to see how his staff do in the next two seasons.


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Good for him as Oregon has a hell of a program. Great facilities and recent success. I think Fisher was destined to go elsewhere regardless of the Coaching change. Good luck to him and I think he'll do very well.
<br>Although I will repeat Valenti's comment about not being able to read depth charts. 5th tackle recruit in one class for Oregon vs. Being able to compete for a starting tackle spot RS freshman year. Hopefully the program not being in constant turmoil means Mich. Won't lose anymore "lifelong" Michigan fans in the future.


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since he obviously would rather play in, and is suited for, a spread offense like RR's or Oregon.  Why waste a scholarship on someone who doesn't want to play in this system.    For him, Oregon is the right choice since we don't do the spread anymore.  I'm sure he could have done well here, but bring in the kids who WANT to play in this type of system.

Next year will bring bigger and better recruits.