Jake Butt, DETNEWS Sam Webb Write-up

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The 6-foot-6, 225-pounder was a two-way force for his team last year. From his tight-end post, he hauled in 27 passes for 450 yards and seven touchdowns. And from his defensive-end slot, he registered 10 sacks and 17.5 tackles for a loss. That versatility has commanded attention from coast to coast. To date, he has accumulated offers from 18 schools, including UCLA, Iowa, Northwestern, Boston College, Maryland, Tennessee, Stanford and Michigan.




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Some of those quotes sound like what we heard last year from Bolden, Ringer, and Strobel. Those are guys that wanted OSU offers or whatever, but through visiting Michigan, realized that Ann Arbor was the perfect place for them. I hope Butt follows in their footsteps to Michigan. He'd be a great get.


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I'm really glad that Hoke made it a point to visit Pickerington area last year.  There is Taco at Central and Butt at North. 

Is there a big rivalry with North and Central?


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I'm not getting my hopes up yet.  If Ohio offers and he still says UM is #1, then I'll smile.  It's not easy to overcome a childhood favorite, although Hoke & Co. look to be doing a good job at it.


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I'm not all that worried about OSU with this kid.  We'll use the TE position a lot more than they will, and if he prefers DE, then I'm not he wants to be in the class behind Adolphus Washington and Noah Spence.  In fact, if he prefers DE, I don't even know if OSU will want him since their DE haul will likely be small this year.  Either way, I see us having a big advantage over the Buckeyes for Butt.

EDIT: In fact, the schools on his offer list that worry me the most are Stanford and UCLA.  We should be able to beatout all of the local schools, but don't underestimate the draw California can have on a Midwestern kid.

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in the Urban-Ball offense.  If you assume he's going to be a TE, Michigan would be a great match with our developing pro-style offense and Shane Morris coming in next year.  I'd love to see a TE who can run great routes and has sticky hands. 


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He's from Glenville, he's a guy the Buckeyes signed a year ago but who never qualified so he went to prep school.  He wasn't rated that high the first time around, and still not very high this time, so I don't think he's a guy we need to worry about too much.  Plus, he's a big, slow QB, so he's more JaMarkus Russell than Tim Tebow, by far.  I doubt Urb really sees him playing QB for the bucks any time.