Jaguars QB Job is Up for Grabs

Submitted by stephenrjking on August 17th, 2017 at 11:48 PM

Following what was apparently a wretched preseason performance by Blake Bortles, Jaguars HC Doug Marrone has opened up the job.

Jaguars HC Doug Marrone said his team's starting QB job is up for grabs, waiting for Blake Bortles or Chad Henne to win it.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) August 18, 2017

Many of us have spoken of how happy we are for Chad Henne that he has solidified a backup role late in his career. Looks like he has one last chance to be a starter. I hope he steps up and seizes it.



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Tebow  =>  GOAT  =>  Grittiest Of All Time.

I always rooted for Tebow in the pros.  He was very effective in the one Tebow/Denver game I ever watched,  he moved the ball, completed some tough throws and got the W.  This tainted my impression of him and I always thought the criticism a bit harsh.  Obviously he'd be playing if he could play.  Best of luck to him in his baseball...


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I honestly don't understand why people think he is the answer. He has been an atrocious starting an and he forsook an opportunity to lead a true super bowl contender in Denver so he could get paid more. He has baggage, isn't cheap, won't shut up, and most importantly is just not the same about he was under coach harbaugh.

Perkis-Size Me

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He's a band aid to be certain, but if I was the Jags I'd at least give him a call to see if he's someone who can at least get you through the year. He isn't any worse than Henne, and he's certainly an upgrade over Bortles. 

Besides, what would the Jags really have to lose? They're an atrocious team to begin with, and one of the smallest of the small-market teams. If not the smallest. So him coming to Jacksonville would be nowhere near the same media circus it would be if he went to places like NY, Philly, Miami or Chicago. If Kaepernick sucks, they're probably no worse now than they were before they had him. If he's better, then its win-win. 

Only problem I could see is what kind of contract he'll demand, but he's not in a position to make any demands. He's looked bad on the field ever since Harbaugh left SF, and there are literally no teams lining up at his door asking him to even try out, much less start for them. Jags could offer him something reasonable, but they're in a position where they could tell him to take it or leave it and remain unemployed. 


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Jags fans do not like Bortles at all anymore. He was a fan favorite early on, but now almost any incomplete pass he gets boo'd. I thought Henne looked solid, receivers didn't help him at all with drops.


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Did you know that there's an "open container" policy around the stadium before the games?  You can go to Intuition and get a "to go" beer to drink while walking to the game (or concerts).  Of course, I guess it's cheaper to just bring your own and tailgate in the parking lot.  Every city should have an open container policy for certain events.


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Let's face it.  A 5th round pick making it three years in the NFL is pretty damn impressive, especially with an elbow I'm sure is still not at 100% (ulnar nerve damage is a bitch) and playing a new position.

I would love it if he got another shot someplace but not holding my breath here.  DR should prolly be planning for life after football at this point.

Having said that here on MGoBlog drop mic -run off stage and into waiting car....


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Henne is definitely better than Bortles aka Slightly Younger Blaine Gabbert. This is still probably a motivational ploy unless the Jags are just done with Bortles.

I don't think this is Henne's "last chance" to be a starter given he likely has several more years as a #2 QB and guys get hurt playing football. Who knows, maybe he even lucks into a Glennon situation.

South TX MFan

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Deshaun all the way. Kid just looks like a winner. He's mobile enough to extend plays with his legs but I think he's smart enough not to get himself killed out there. I know it's usually not a good idea to throw a rookie into the fire like that but I think he's mature enough to handle it. Plus it's an ideal situation since he has a running game and a good defense helping him out. And let's face it, Savage isn't much more experienced anyways.