Jadeveon Clowney "Had great interest in Michigan"

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In a new ESPN article Jadeveon Clowney's high school football coach Bobby Carroll says that, "For some reason (fall of 2008) Clowney expressed a great interest to go to Michigan." The article doesn't go on to say what happened to cool that interest, but that Tony Gibson was recruiting him. I found this to be quite interesting. Link below.




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Just stop.

EDIT: This article was posted on ESPN's front page so I actually think this was a post-worthy story.  But I think my reaction is not directed towards the author, but rather a reaction to hearing the echos of Zettel, Frost, Walls, Jernigan, Dix, K Williams, etc... and now Clowney?


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Step off Section 1. It's not worth arging on a blog. The more I read arguments for or against keeping RR and hiring Hoke, the more I realize that the philosophical implications of Michigan football are pretty complicated. IN any case, it's Friday, so let me buy you a virtual whiskey sour!


Section 1

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he knows that there's scant evidence of my ever saying anything negative about Coach Hoke.  And indeed there isn't any record of that.  Bando, and others, seem to be angry that I say any complimentary things in defense of Coach Roadriguez.  As if any good Michigan Man would now see the light and, naturally, condemn Coach Rodriguez.

Section 1

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For me it is just an intersting hobby, or like reading a good murder mystery or working on an interesting case.  Again, nobody is going to catch me complaining about Brady Hoke.  I just find it funny that defending Coach Rodriguez is now forbidden in the view of some.*  Like getting kicked off the cheeleading squad for not having enough enthusiasm. 


*It is as funny, as it is unconcernnig, because as I have said many times, there seems to be little difference between my general thinking on the recent history of Michigan football, and Brian Cook's thinking on the subject.  We might just express ourselves differently.

STW P. Brabbs

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This isn't me being a smartass.  I don't know if you're just venting and sort of taking on a persona for the board or not, but you sound distinctly paranoid in this thread.  It might be good for you to stop thinking about Rodriguez and Michigan football for a while. 

I love the shit out of Michigan football, and I'm emotionally invested in it to what's probably an unhealthy degree - and even to me, who's no stranger to flaming rants on the board, there's a tone to your writing that's emotionally charged to a really kind of strange degree when you get into this stuff. 


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Please post the entire quote:


In the fall of 2008, Clowney's sophomore year, then-Michigan assistant coach Tony Gibson was recruiting Gilmore. The Wolverines wanted him as a quarterback to run their zone read in Ann Arbor.


This wasn't going to happen.  He doesn't play QB anymore.


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He was so offensive minded that he signed more defensive recruits (26) than offensive recruits (21, unless you count Cam Gordon where he plays, on defense, which makes the numbers more lopsided) in his two full classes at Michigan.

But who wants facts getting in the way of yet another "Fuck that guy!" post-mortem?


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Well M wanted Denard at QB too and that's worked out pretty well.  If letting kids have a shot at QB gets talented players on our campus then I'm all for it.


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what great defensive players were recruited by that staff or developed by that staff that led to even decent defense being played?  Yet to this day their biggest wins were against 6-6 wisconsin, 6-6 notre dame and this yr's 7 win notre dame team......impressive....sheeshe


btw, everyone in the country wanted clowney as a defensive player...rich, can you play qb.....


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I was getting depressed as this thread degenerated into another "RR vs. Hoke" smackdown (won't someone please think of the children?!) and then my eyes alighted on the magnificence that is ScarJo. Suddenly all is right with MGoBlog once again.

Thank you, sir, for lifting my spirits (and other, more tangible, parts) with this, always appropriate, post.

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There are lots of recruits who have high school videos that show them being really good.  Some have videos that make them look like overgrown men playing with children.  Clowney looks like Ray Lewis playing football against a middle school volleyball team.