Jackhammer or wet noodle Coach?

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This relates to the JH interview and the talk of his personality. I played football for 10 years. Youth ball to three years of D2 ball. I had a lot of head Coaches because of the poor high school program I played in. I know this board has former D1 players, high school ballers, etc. What kind of Coach did you prefer or what is your preferred style? I had two jackhammer style Coaches and they were by far the best and I liked them the most. I would still suit up at 57 years old for and play for those men on my one good knee. Alex Boone is full of BS. Bring on the jackhammer and the winning begins.

This is my second thread ever - I'll not joke(wet noodle) and choose better terms next time.  Not the best thread, but a little fun and the jackhammer girl is 5 star talent.     



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Only one of the greatest accidents to happen in the last few years on this site. It is enshrined in the Hall Of Fame (see "Useful Stuff" in the menu bar at the top of the page) in the "Alter Egos Exposed" section. Indeed, it is the only entry in that section as I don't think you can top this thread, which began so innocently as a request (from the user's second account) to edit a post made by the first. 

Big Mike

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who just finished my last season of high school football. I played for 12 years. My position coach, Coach Foust Senior, Senior we call him was the greatest coach I've ever been around. On the field he was such a hard ass. Every detail was perfect or he would go crazy, i was an ILB btw. Our footwork and reads was everything to him as we ran a very simple defense, simple and effective. Off the field he is like a father to me, or a grandfather. A great man who will always greet you with a big hug. I like a hard ass on the field, and a father figure/great mentor off the field. That guy will be remembered by many.


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The slogan at the top of this website literally celebrates that our coach is a jackhammer. This is a stupid question.

That said, if anyone answers "wet noodle," they should go away. So maybe this is a good idiot detector.

The Mad Hatter

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thread now.  Everyone is all worked up over in the are you really an alum thread.

So let us use this one to tell dick jokes and stare at that outstanding .gif posted up-thread.


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But it can be mistaken as that. Surely there can be passionate, fiery, assholes too (like mine after B-Dub mango habenero wings...yummy). I'll take the passionate and fiery, sometimes assholey coach over the "clap clap good job, you'll get it next time champ!" nice guy coach every time. You have much less accountability with the nice guys and the team will lack the competitive edge.


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At my old high school the freshmen team was coached by more of a player's coach (who also coached the track team) and the varsity by an asshole (who had some significant success the year before I arrived on campus).

The freshman team went undefeated pretty much every year while the varsity posted mediocre results.  There was a guy a few years ahead of us who started as a sprinter, won the state championship in the high jump as a junior, and was a tall, muscular, athletic dude, basically a prototype WR.  The head coach called him "Forest Gump" on a near-constant basis.  He quit football to focus on track instead.  My buddy was on a league winning 4x100M relay team (he was a junior with three buff, very fast dudes who were a year ahead of us).  All four guys ended up quitting the football team at some point due to either a complete lack of playing time in favor of way less athletic guys or just getting sick of the abusive atmosphere (all three older guys were black, and I'm pretty sure there was a racial element to that whole situation as well).  Two offensive linemen on those teams ended up turning down interest/offers from places like Oregon State and South Carolina because they were just sick of football by the time they graduated.

If you're such a dick that the most talented guys end up not playing or leaving the team entirely, you aren't doing yourself any favors and your record will probably reflect that.