Jack Tabb -- TomVH?

Submitted by icefins26 on August 3rd, 2010 at 8:30 AM

Jack Tabb, TE/LB from NJ just visited campus yesterday.  Any word on how his visit went?  TomVH?  Not sure how high he has us but he has some solid offers.



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Per Rivals:   

"They are lot more of a contender, definitely," Tabb said. "At first they were not at the forefront of my mind because they hadn't offered, but I was really excited when they did and after the visit today, with what they showed me, it puts them extremely high on the list right now."


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He has been discussed on the MGoBoard, he may now commit. 

But seriously, a Florida offer? I'll take him. In the scout article he mentions that Craig Roh and Taylor Lewan were "extremely effective" in putting forth maize and blue values. And here I was thinking that those two only recruited Arizona kids. My heart throbs for Death Roh even more, he and his father seem to be really involved in Michigan's recruiting. Lewan is a name I'm hearing more and more with recruit's visits too, sounds awesome. 


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But I haven't seen what Florida is recruiting him for.  It was mentioned in both articles on him from Rivals that Michigan is recruiting him for either the tight end or defense.  I'm not sure what his ceiling is at tight end.  Personally, that's the only position I'd want him to play.  If Florida/Iowa/Arkansas/North Carolina is recruiting him for defense, I think that kind of changes his value at the tight end position.  They may be recruiting him for tight end, and if that's the case then I share your excitement about his offer list, but you have to take that factor into account and can't just say b/c he has a Florida offer that it's reason to be excited about him.


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Per Rivals Article

"The like me for either tight end or linebacker," Tabb said. "From a playing time standpoint, they have a senior tight end and two junior tight ends and that's it. Then, they are losing seniors at both Whip and middle linebacker. All the positions they are looking at me for have opportunity."


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I talked to him last night. I wasn't going to do a formal interview with him, because he wants to try to get back up to Michigan before he makes his decision. I'm not sure if that will happen, or not. He said he wants to make his decision before his season starts, which is in early September. I asked him how the visit went, and if Michigan has a shot:

The visit was great, everything about it was cool. I really like Michigan, no joke. I don't really have a top list yet, but Michigan is in the top for sure.

He didn't get a chance to meet everybody, since Rich Rod was in Chicago for media day. He said the visit was kind of impromptu, as they were going to see family in Indiana anyway, so they stopped by. Florida was mentioned as one of the other schools that he really likes right now. He's going to try to figure out what to do next, but there is genuine interest in Michigan right now.

Someone has already said this, but he did say they want him for tight end, or possibly a position on defense. He really has no preference.


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How does it generally work when you got a blue chip guy like Ray Drew (also seems to have good character) that is considering Michigan, but he plays at a position where you are already getting pretty deep in a class (and the previous class too)? I was just getting super excited that Ray Drew seemed to have some genuine interest and then we keep going after kids that could potentially play DE.

What can I say - I'm a sucker for stars/numbers.


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Even aside from that, there are very few positions where you can really be "wasting" scholarships by having too much depth.

In terms of DE: The only thing sexier than 2009 Brandon Graham is two 2009 versions of Brandon Graham coming from both sides of the DL. That might be the only thing that would actually make a quarterback think it was a good idea to try his chances running right at Mike Martin.


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In response to your last point - as much of a badass as BG is, I think I'd rather get hit by him than by Mike Martin.  Glenn Winston might disagree with me, however...

Secondly - am I the only one who doesn't need a TE in this class?  It's a small class, and we have other needs, plus we use the TE so little.  If we can get a very good TE, I say we take him, otherwise I say we wait until next year where we say, "hey look, you'll be our guy for essentially your whole career if you don't hurt yourself" and I bet we can pull a top TE.

On this team, a good TE is a luxury, and we have a lot of necessities that need sprucing up first.


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Yeah, I know that.  But this is a small class with a lot of needs.  Taking a stud TE is fine, but when taking one means taking one less OL, DL, LB or DB playmaker, I only want to do it if he's that good.  Taking a meh TE in place of a guy we really need isn't a great idea.  JMHO.


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We run some double tight sets (our Ace formation, for example).  Webb is gone after this year.  Koger will be a senior in 2011.  Let's say Koger gets hurt next year.  You've got Brandon Moore and a true freshman in your double tight sets.

I've been adamant that I think Michigan fans are overrating how important the tight ends are going to be in our offense, but we still need three on the roster at all times.  This recruiting class is going to be big enough (17-19) that we can bring in a tight end.  We're really not lacking that much depth in most places.  Linebacker is a concern and our OL class is filling out.  One of those remaining scholarships needs to go to a TE, or we'll have to convert somebody to TE instead.  Either way, we'll be using a scholarship for a TE - it might as well be somebody who's actually good at it rather than a position changer.