Jack and Jackie Harbaugh rewatch the Super Bowl (podcast link)

Submitted by LLG on September 12th, 2017 at 4:41 PM

On this podcast:  Jack and Jackie Harbaugh watch the Super Bowl for the first time since that day in the Superdome. They break down key moments of the game and explain why a parent can simultaneously feel 100 percent joy and 100 percent sadness.

I really want Jackie Harbaugh to be honorary captain one day.

Man of the Crowd #8: Life Is Not a Pie Chart




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Lots of interesting stuff:  Jack and Jackie took the SF bus home from the game.  49:45 mark: Jackie asks *Jim* after the loss and one the bus "Who has it better than you right now?"  The point being is his teenage son had put his head on Jim's shoulder.


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is listen to their weekly podcast and feel the infectious Harbaugh spirit and passion for life and what it's like to be a Michigan Wolverine and how good that feeling is. It's all about family and the team, and when you accept that, you are set for life.