Jabrill traded to NYG for Beckham jr

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Per Adam schefter. 

God damn!

[edit: mgowill] Title somewhat misleading.

Browns get Beckham.

Giants get Cleveland’s 1st round pick (No. 17 overall), the second 3rd round pick this year and Jabrill Peppers.

The trade cannot be made final until Wed. at 4 p.m. ET.



March 13th, 2019 at 5:22 PM ^

Although, as a long-time Giants fan, I’m not thrilled with the deal, I’m also a relatively recent Michigan Wolverines fan.  The Giants may be testing the theory of whether a decent college football team with a veteran quarterback and a superstar running back could compete against NFL teams this coming season.

But I’m thinking – what if . . .(a) the Giants were to trade the sixth pick in the 2019 draft to the Raiders for the Raiders’ first-round picks at 24 and 27 and their first round pick in 2020 and an extra pick in 2021, so the Raiders could take Dwayne Haskins to back up Derek Carr with the sixth pick AND (b) the Giants then were to take Rashan Gary with the 17th pick they got from Cleveland, Devin Bush, Jr. with the 24th pick they got from Oakland, a good wide receiver with the 27th pick they got from Oakland, Chase Winovich with the 95th pick they got from Cleveland and David Long with one of their picks in the fifth round (142 and 143), IF those players still were available at those spots?

Looking to the future, I might be okay with a Giants defense that included Rashan Gary, Chase Winovich, Devin Bush, Jr., Jabrill Peppers and David Long.


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yeah thank god he doesn’t have to play with Baker, Chubb, Hunt, Laundry, Garret, I could keep going but it would be pointless. I don’t get the whole “good thing he’s not playing in Ohio Anymore.” Argument. The browns will be a playoff team this year while the giants won’t win more than 4 games for the foreseeable future.


March 12th, 2019 at 8:06 PM ^

Misleading headline. OBJ traded to the Browns for a 1st rounder, 3rd rounder, and Peppers.  Never thought I'd say it, but sucks for Peppers to be going from Cleveland to NYG.  Those teams have really traded places in the league hierarchy.

Perkis-Size Me

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I'd say he played extremely well in his 2016 campaign. Lack of INTs aside, he did just about everything else you could've asked him to do. 

My lone frustration with him wasn't even really his fault. He was woefully mis-used on offense. Anytime he got on the field, you knew one of two things was going to happen. Jabrill gets a direct snap and runs left, or Jabrill gets a direct snap and runs right. By the end of the season, he was so easy to gameplan for because Harbaugh/Drevno refused to utilize him in any other way. 

No misdirections, screens, zone reads, jet sweeps, lining him up in the backfield as a RB. Even just the perceived threat of him touching the ball was enough to keep defenses off-balance. But teams like OSU had no reason to fear him on offense because they knew exactly what he was going to do when he got the ball. 


March 13th, 2019 at 5:30 PM ^

They put him back there because he couldn't make reads fast enough to play 15 yards deep.  He is a moron and they put him there to prevent him from being beaten deep before realizing he can't cover at all and moving him to SS where he was further exposed as being incapable of shedding a block.

He is an overrated mess. 



March 14th, 2019 at 1:32 PM ^

You realize that Gregg Williams himself said EXACTLY what I just said?  I literally just quoted their Defensive Coordinator.  Peppers is a bust.  He made three plays his entire time in Cleveland and all three were because he was unblocked.  He was over-hyped college and outed in the NFL.  


March 12th, 2019 at 8:12 PM ^

He's a NJ guy. I'm sure he'd rather play in a major market closer to home, than be stuck in Shithole Ohio. 

He better knock off that gun bullshit though, since NY doesn't mess around. 

N. Campus Tech

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"First of all, you people probably don't know anyone who’s been shot. I, however, know lots of people who’ve been shot. I know lots of people who claim they want to shoot me, and some of those people are technically my friends. So that’s why I carry a gun.

Second, you people probably trust the government, and you probably trust it because your personal experience with law enforcement has been positive. I’ve had the opposite experience all my life. I’m afraid of the government. I’m afraid of the world, and you can’t give me one valid reason why I shouldn’t be. So that’s why I did not apply for a gun license.

Third, I shot myself in the leg, which is both painful and humiliating. What else do I need to go through in order to satiate your desire to see me chastised? The penalty for carrying an unlicensed weapon is insane. How can carrying an unlicensed firearm be worse than firing a licensed one? I broke the law, but the law I broke is a bad law. Would you be satisfied if the penalty for unlawful gun possession was getting shot in the leg? Because that already fucking happened!" - Plax


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Peppers showed very well this year, but Cleveland has some assets on the back end and OBJ is a real difference-maker. 

A trade like this is always risky. And Cleveland’s locker room might be a bit of a tinderbox, especially with the ownership being what it is. 

But Baker looks like he’s for real, and his fiery personality could be perfect for OBJ if they can mesh well on the field. 

Exciting time to be a Browns fan.