Jabrill Peppers Visits

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Jabrill Peppers is not going to visit Stanford. Planning return visit to Penn State the weekend of May 18th. Per Rivals (from interview with Pepper's coach)


No Stanford visit for Jabrill Peppers? Looking that way, though one to PSU is in the works. U-M is still the strong frontrunner.



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Sounds to me like this may have been a discussion with parents/coach:

"Do you really want to go as far away as Stanford?"

"I don't think so. It's too far."

"Alright, lets cross them off then. But I think you should visit one other school in the region to make sure you're making the right decision."


/baseless speculation


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from what i remember, he visited psu for a little longer than jalen tabor was at michigan.  very, very quick.  seemed to like it, but i'm not too worried about it overtaking michigan.  especially since i think he has a better relationship with all the coaches, brady hoke can be the father figure he says he wants out of a coach (at least as much as BOB can), and mattison is much more attractive than psu's DC.  i've heard this psu visit will be overnight, so he can get the full experience.  most people seem to think it's a check to make sure visit, so he can commit to michigan shortly afterwards


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Can't believe PSU is getting such a big talent to visit with all their sanctions.

Still go to like our chances here though - cancelling the Stanford visit is huge. They were thought to be the only other serious contender.


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I won't feel threatened by Penn State for any recruit who didn't grow up a PSU fan for a while.

Penn State has absolutely nothing to offer Peppers that would hold any weight. This kid thinks he's going to win the Heisman as a freshman, so I doubt he's worried about PT. And you can't win the Heisman for a team getting curb stomped every week.


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Yeah, the fact that it's PSU makes me a bit nervous because of O'Brien's obvious recruiting abilities.

Then again, they're not Biel eligible for a couple years after he would arrive, so I think that plays in our favor significantly.


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Agreed. PSU got a lot better as the season went on last year, so from a coaching standpoint, he seems to be pretty good.

We have absolutely no reason to think he's a good recruiter though. He didn't recruit Breneman or Hackenberg, so it's hard to give him the credit for them, and all of the guys he recruited were average Big Ten recruits. This year, he has a couple barely 4 star types and 5 guys that most schools did not want.

Now, this isn't enough info so say he's a poor recruiter by any means, but to say his recruiting skills are obvious is a major stretch. Unless he meant obviously unproven.


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You kinda have to give that credit to the guy they committed to, so Peterno or whatever assistant really recruited them. And probably no credit for Brenneman since it sounded like he was going to go to Penn State no matter who the coach was.

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O'Brien's recruiting prowess will dissipate once Penn State falls off a cliff in the wins category, which has a pretty good chance to start on August 31st against Syracuse.

Remember what happened to USC last year and Michigan for about 3 seasons? Penn State's basically down to 65 scholarship players already and lost a lot of veteran leadership on defense. They're in big trouble this season.


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Eh, he did OK.  I mean, he held onto Hackenberg and Breneman, which were the two 5 star headliners, both at the two positions O'Brian is known for developing.  And both were big PSU fans in the first place.  Other than that, they lost a lot of talent.  That OL that went to Pitt, DT Webb, Ross Douglass...those were all 4 or 5 star types that left after the sanctions.  Look at this class so far: they've got some decent talent.  Some low 4 star players.  But the recruiting isn't up to UM or OSU.  It's more like Nebraska.

Let me put it this way.  If we lose Peppers to a school that will have the most crippling scholarship reductions since the Pony Excess for the better part of the decade, one that can't go to a bowl or play in the champ game for half his time at the school, has a coach whose only head coaching accomplishment is NOT going .500 (admittidly, a decent accomplishment), and who has already interviewed for an NFL position after one season?  All the while we have Greg Freakin' Mattison recruiting him and coaching him?  Well, if we lose him to PSU, then that will be an epic fail on the staff's part.

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I think if O'Brien can hold the ship steady and maintain an average of 7-8 win seasons over the next three years, his recruiting prowess should be in good shape when the sanctions are lifted. His offensive recruiting, at any rate, should be pretty good considering his pedigree.

But this is all assuming they'll get incredibly lucky with little to zero major injuries over the next three years, which in all likelihood just won't happen. Ergo, some 4-6 win seasons may be on the horizon. Things that, if I had to guess, Jabrill doesn't want to be a part of.


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Exactly.  And with 9 conference games starting soon, they will have a real hard time getting there, because most years they'll have to play one or more of Wisco, Nebraska, NW, and Iowa.  I even think MSU will be a near auto-loss most years going forward.