Jabrill Peppers Sounds off on NCAA

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I just seen a tweet from Jabrill Peppers and he went off on the NCAA for how they treating the kids these days and its been going on for years. Here's what Jabrill tweeted.






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Maybe he should employ some personal financial responsibility.  Chooses to live off-campus, posts pictures of new clothes, chains, MacBook Pros, surround sound, etc.  I didn't have that in college.  I had loans.  You would be complaining if the NCAA made athletes live on campus or monitored their spending, there is no wining strategy.  

Oh, but you say, Jabrill brings in $ to Michigan and the NCAA!  He deserves it.  Ok, what about the longsnapper?  What about a CB at Eastern Michigan?  What about a male swimmer at Michigan?  What about a female rower?  If some athletes are going to get paid, they are all going to have to.

Lets not forget, the Michigan football is subsidizing pretty much every other sport/athlete on campus.  Oh, but you say, Michigan turns a profit and can afford to pay them!  What about the MAC schools where the average student is PAYING additional tuition to fund the sports teams?  Should they pay more so that the athletes can get more than a free education, free housing, free meals, and additional money for books and expenses?

The issue has to be seen as a bigger picture, not simply through the lense of the 20 most profitable football programs at the 20 profitable athletic departments.  

Mr. Yost

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So I guess that means that no athlete should ever be hungry?

Because what fed your wife would surely feed a 210 lbs man. I'm sure your wife and Pep both come from the same background and have the same family financial situations as well.

Glad all things are equal so we can justify comments like this. Shame on Jabrill.


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Its going to be interpreted as him going off on Michigan. Im pretty sure other teams will gladly use that tweet to negatively recruit against Michigan given the new rule allowing "unlimited meals".

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Perhaps the most relevant passage in the oh-so-vast NCAA Handbook: Off-Campus Room and Board Stipend.

If a student-athlete lives and eats in noninstitutional facilities, the institution may provide the student-athlete an amount equal to the institution’s official on-campus room allowance as listed in its catalog, the average of the room costs of all of its students living on campus or the cost of room as calculated based on its policies and procedures for calculating the cost of attendance for all students. The institution also may provide the student-athlete an amount that is equivalent to an on-campus 7-day or 21-meal board plan or the cost of meals as calculated based on its policies and procedures for calculating the cost of attendance for all students, excluding those meals provided as part of the training table. Meals provided on the training table shall be deducted at the regular cost figure from such a student-athlete’s board allowance.

Honk if Ufer M…

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Do you mean it's the 2nd or 3rd best way to send the message or it's a bad way to deliver the message?

Should he hand deliver a note to each human?

I think what you mean is he should deliver the message in a diary or a prayer or some way that wouldn't actually deliver a public message, right? Or what do you really mean?


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hit job was facilitated by people inside the UM AD. Out here we will never know how many of those are still left. The war against RR also sabotaged the players, the fans, and the football program at UM. As late as last August Hoke and Brandon were still rolling out the red carpet for Rosenberg when he skulked out of his swamp at SI for privileged interviews at UM.

The F-word paper never acknowledged its own editorial malpractice in allowing that factually dishonest piece to see the light of day. That paper still acts like it never did anything wrong and like that piece isn't the journalistic paraquat that it is.

Half of the deplorable duo, Snyder, whose names appeared on the criminal libel still purveys his journalistic malfeasance under the same roof he did on the day of infamy. Several others anethema to human decency still work there too.

In short, there has been no distance made between that paper now and its earlier manifestation which, holding the knife, plunged it into the back of the players and fans of the Michigan football program.

No forgiveness. Never forget.