Jabrill Peppers Interview and Workout Video (Bleacher Report)

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Sorry I couldn't figure out how to get this non-youtube video to embed, but this is a good clip on one of our top 2014 targets Jabrill Peppers.  He must be the biggest high school DB I've seen (could just be that we've recruited a lot of skinny DBs in recent years),  and he has a great attitude as far as where he's been and where he's going.  I think when you combine the talent, the work ethic, the personality, and the intelligence, he and Da'Shawn Hand are just about as perfect as recruits can get.  Oh, and they both loved their Michigan visits.  




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One of the more intriguing things about being a mod here is the lack of hard and fast rules in favor of precedent. In 99 cases out of 100, posting anything from Bleacher Report has meant the removal of the thread and a stern warning about journalistic standards, and justifiably so.

This video will constitute the 1 case in 100, as BR is letting the viewer judge for themselves here, and yes, having watched this, Jabrill Peppers in a winged helmet is not a bad idea at all, in my opinion. 


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Word on the street is that Bleacher Report might not be as terrible these days as before; that said, I definitely endorse 99/100. Most of what I've seen from BR is pretty bad, and anyone who posts a slideshow of "Hottest Big Ten Volleyball Players" or "Ten Least Clutch Athletes of All Time" will be subjected to ridicule from the board and lose posting privileges for a while.

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Although Bleacher Report is usually complete and total crap, this video is actually worth watching. Jabrill seems to have a great head on his shoulders and I feel like he has the potential to be a Woodson-esque type of player where ever he plays college ball (hopefully for the good guys).


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That sort of competitive attitude to go along with his confidence and will to be the best is something you rarely see, especially from a junior in highschool.  Absolutely want this kid in a winged helmet.


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Bleacher Report is almost exclusively garbage, but I think they hired some real journalists in the last year or so, didn't they? Last I heard, Adam Jacobi of BHGP went over to the dark side.


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I played all four years of D-1 varsity high school from 96-99 in a deep league out here in CA. We played against teams like De La Salle and went up against LB/RB Lance Briggs who is now the starter for Chicago bears and DJ Wiliams from the Broncos. Non of the kids looked nor trained at that level. Is it mean or are high school kids starting to train like college kids did 15 plus years ago??


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It depends where you go and if your program or area has access to quality strength coaches.  There are not S&C facilities such as the one he is training at everywhere.  And, even private facilities that exist around the country are typically pretty expensice so most atheltes probably can't afford to train at places like that year round.  But, at the same time some high schools do have quality programs or outsource to good semi-private facilites.  I have been to a number of schools in Connecticut that have quality weight rooms and employ strength coaches that are pretty nice and/or outsource to quality semi-private facilites that are pretty nice.  But, at the same time there are very few high schools in Maine that have that.  So, yes those are out there, but only few high schools still have them, and private facilities are pretty expensive.


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This kid is not doubt an insane athlete and I'm sure he can help us on the field, but he doesn't exactly scream "Michigan man" either.  Everything he says such as his motivations and his goals are all very externally focued.  He's all about impressing other people, proving other people wrong, etc.  He doesn't seem to have an internal motivation or drive.  That makes me nervous because those kind of kids are the same ones that can fall prey to taking money, making poor decisions, and having attitude problems because they are too selfish.  Did anyone else get that sense after watching the video?


The other think that came to mind is he looks exactly like UFC fighter Melvin Guillard, no?


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All I was thinking in my head while watching this video was Cam Newton. Supremely talented and very hard worker but wants to be seen and feel like an icon.

I feel good about the guy though because from what he was saying about his background his attitude could be a lot worse and he is a junior in high school. I have no doubt in my mind that if he chose Michigan he would keep the fire and competitive drive but learn to be humble.


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I love how some people think it's flaimbait or trolling if you aren't on board with popular opinion.  I have no intention of eliciting an emotional response to get anyone off topic or to disrupt the "conversation".  The topic is this recruit & my response is clearly on topic.  There are some great things about this kid, which I mentioned.  Just because I also cite some potential character/motivational criticism doesn't mean I'm trolling.  Disagee with me or engage in discussion.  


Anyways...I think this kid has insane talent.  On the field I'd love to have him.  I imagine a potential backfield of Peppers, Westphal, Wilson, & Thomas and drool.  But, his answers to some questions bring up some questional values.  People who are so overly focused on self-serving goals and focus so much on what other people think of them are more likely to be selfish, less than ideal teammates, not the best leaders, and can find themselves in off-the-field trouble.  And, take the criticism with a grain of salt...I am going off one single interview.  I could be way off base.  He may mature over the course of his time with UM (if he committs).  Heck, he never had a father figure and having quality UM coaches may really ignite something inside of him that really gets him to develop as a leader and mature as a person.  He certainly has the tools to be a great leader.  He's intelligent, smart, and highly skilled.  But, I still see some potential negative attitudes if they remain unchecked.  Go back and look at some interviews of a guy like Blake Countess and compare his responses to Peppers.  Countess talks about improvement, the team, growing, matureing, learning from the older guys, living up to the UM tradition, etc.  Peppers talks about proving other people wrong, wanting people to think he's the best, wanting to accomplish this and that.  These distinctly different value systems is what worries me.  If you want to call that flaiming so be it...I think it's valid criticism.  That doesn't mean I still wouldn't take him in a heart beat, but it's just something to keep an eye on.


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is the speculation on the character of a seventeen year old high school student based on a couple minutes of an interview. Every now and then someone makes a comment like yours ("doesn't scream Michigan Man") and it always gets hammered, rightly I might add. Either the Michigan Man "meme" or "thing" or "moniker" is useless, as many would argue, or it's something that few (I was going to say none, but I'm sure there's an example somewhere) enrolled in high school can grasp fully or be expected to personify in every interview they might give after a workout.

In short, you're speculating negatively on a kid's character with virtually no evidence. There is no possible way you can judge how much of a Michigan Man he might turn out to be from this video, and the guy disagreeing with you is Brady Hoke. Maybe you don't think his answers were ideal and could use some polish, but then why not just say that? There's a huge difference between the former and latter.


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I think these posters that mention feeling uncomfortable because of what they heard are crazy anyway.  What is there to feel uncomfortable about? 

I heard a kid who has experienced more than any 17 year old should.  

A person can take those experiences and go in one of two directions.  They can follow that wrong path, or they can let those experiences be an example of what they don't want to become.  

He sounds like he's using it all (his father's situation, his own negative experiences) serve as motivation for what he wants to be.  He sounds like he's trying to be a better person because of it and in spite of it.  

Good luck to the kid.  Regardless where he chooses to go to school, I wish him well...unless he's playing us, then I hope he gets his ass kicked.  


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justingoblue...thanks for chiming in.  I appreciate that you're providing an argument and offering an explantion.  I realize they are negging me for stating an opinion without a ton of evidence, but isn't the rest of board doing the same from the other side of the argument?  I don't care about getting negged for trolling, but make an argument and engage in discussion.  It's like saying "I think you're wrong, but I don't have a valid argument as to why."  


I totally agree on the "Michigan Man" monicher.  I like what you said that it's a difficult thing for a kid his age to fully grasp.  I only mention that term as a way to relate to what the goal is.  Do I expect a high school kid to represent the monicher in it's full Denard Robinson/Jordan Kovacs form?  Of course not.  But, I also don't expect to see the tell tale signs of a self centered kid that cares too much about pulic opinion either.  As I mentioned look at early Blake Countess interviews.  He was still a young kid, but was much more team-goal oreinted and more interested in fitting in.  This interview points to motivations of self achievement (vs team) and addressing public opinion...quite different value systems for two kids of the same age.


But, yes of course I'm speculating...so is the rest of the board.  Is it OK to speculate positively but wrong to do so negatively?  If so, that does't make much sense.  Remember, if you look at my post I'm not saying he's a bad guy and can't change.  I'm merely saying I see signs or red flags of potential problems.  I think that's valid.  Especially if we are going to speculate on other things, speculation should be allowed to go both ways.  Heck it's a board, we're here to discuss.  Now, I won't go as far as to say he's a bad kid.  That I think is going too far.  But, I will say he has potential issues that could lead to problems down the road if not changed.  To mean that is the difference.  I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt that he can grow, mature, change, etc.  But, at the same time I see red flags.  Is that not fair?


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based completely on my opinion and conjecture from being around a bit, it wasn't that people had an argument against what you posted as much as they possibly found the first bit over the line. I think that's where your second point (and my last) fit in. Had you said, "seems like a great player but I wish he answered the questions more like Kovacs or Denard would have" I think you would have more discussion and less downvotes.

Lastly, I don't think it's about what's allowed and isn't allowed; if that were the issue I'd have no problem saying something or doing something, but I don't think you crossed that particular line. For me, at least, reading positive and negative character out of interviews is kind of silly anyway, but it's easy to see why a group of (smarter than average in aggregate, yes, but still...) hardcore fans react differently to "Shane Morris is such a Michigan Man" than to "[Jabrill Peppers] doesn't scream Michigan Man."


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Fair enough.  Good discussion.  People have the right to neg as they see fit.  You're probably right in your suggested wording to my orignial post and while the message is similar is yours is more agreeable.  I guess I wanted to draw more attention to it because it was an idea I hadn't year heard from the board so I probably highlighted the negative a litte more than some people liked.  


While I believe actions speak louder than words, at least anecdotally, it seems that people in the past that have made similar types of statements and shown similar types of attitudes have run into character questions because they are too focused on themselves.  Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me, but that's my impression.  People "are who they are" and seldom change which is why I think even a small snipet of an interview if plenty to see a person's values when he makes the sort of statements Peppers did.  Sure, he can change or mature, he is an extremely talanted kid, and I'd still take him in a heartbeat, but most don't change in my experience.  


I tend to be a realist and suggest what I think is the most likely outcome, not what I hope for.  I would judge any person the same way based on what they said.  If I heard Morris going on about wanting to be an icon, talking about all his various talents, and wanting prove everyone wrong, I'd question his motivation too.  So, from that perspective we can simply agree to disagree.  Thanks for engaging nonetheless.