Jabrill Peppers and Juwan Bushell-Beatty set up Michigan visit

Submitted by AnthonyThomas on March 5th, 2013 at 1:23 PM

Per Sam Webb on Twitter. I can't read the article on Scout (it's paywalled), but the description says they'll be visiting multiple schools in early April, so I assume that's when they're coming.

Peppers is a CB and the #2 rated player nationally according to Rivals. Bushell-Beatty is an unranked OL prospect. Both go to Paramus Catholic in New Jersey.



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Pff... who cares about the #2 prospect in the country?  He won't even be the best player to visit in the next month...  What percent chance do we think that both Peppers and Hand both commit to us?  1.618% or so?  Is it too early to speculate?  You think it's too early to speculate.  It's too early to speculate.


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I know it's not like they've committed yet or anything, but Hoke & Co.'s ability to bring top talent to the school is phenomenal.  Perhaps I'm just living the here and now, but it didn't seem to me that previous staff got as many high-profile visits [I became a Michigan fan in 2008, picked a poor year, but whatever].

Also, and perhaps even more importantly, Hoke & Co. have been able to identify talent early and get offers out early to get advantages with recruits.  When they blow up on all the recruit ranking sites, Michigan will have given one of the earliest offers to the recruit, and have that much of a head start against other schools.

Keep up the good work!

I'm just going to keep saying Hoke & Co.  I feel like it'd be a good general store name or something.

True Blue Grit

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to campus.  But, Carr brought a fair number.  It's just that there wasn't nearly as much visibility and scrutiny as to who was visiting in the earlier Carr years, especially in the absence of sites like this.  For example, just recently Marcus Ray mentioned on WTKA how Peyton Manning was taking his campus recruiting visit to U-M the same weekend.  And there were a few other well known names visiting that weekend too.  So, Carr was pretty good for a while at getting great players to visit.  He actually signed a couple of them too!


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All other problems aside, RR did have problems landing some top talent in recruiting, but in his defense, if he wasn't under the gun for the entire 2011 recruiting class and then canned, he probably would have been able or at least had a good chance of landing Dee Hart, Kris Frost, and Sammy Watkins (although maybe him to a lessor extent). Not to say that Carr or Hoke didn't and isn't doing a better job of landing top talent.


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The question now becomes, "When Michigan signs the top 16 recruits in the country, will they still be ranked below Texas A&M's 35 member class?" 


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You can get your hopes up. I doubt we get the top RB in the country again, but I'm sure we'll pick up a 4 star top-150ish kid. Our offense is great for RBs and our OL is maybe the best in the country. Add in all the other reasons Michigan is great and one top RB will jump all over that.

Litt1e Rhino

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I agree with you that Michigan should pull in someone. on paper michigan is one of the top schools In the nation but I've had my hopes up before just to watch recruits slip away. So until they sign I try to not get to excited. I think webber and Harris will be realistic options on a elite talent.

Space Coyote

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I just want to throw out this, from 2006-2007 USC signed at RB (according to Rivals):

2006: Kenny Ashley (21 RB), Stanley Havali (3 FB), Stafon Johnson (2 RB, 18 Overall), Emmanuel Moody (9 RB, 70 Overall)

2007: Broderick Green (14 RB), Joe McKight (1 RB, 2 Overall), Marc Tyler (2 RB, 17 Overall)

Now, there is a very, very slim chance Michigan gets anywhere near this, but yeah, that's a crazy RB haul over a two year period. So other teams besides Alabama can have multiple great RB classes back to back.

Alabama from 2009-2013:

2009: Trent Richardson (2 RB, 6 Overall), Eddie Lacy (13 RB, 116 Overall)

2010: Corey Grant (5 RB, 180 Overall), Jalston Fowler (3 FB)

2011: Dee Hart (1 RB, 19 Overall)

2012: TJ Yeldon (2 RB, 12 Overall), Kenyan Drake (13 RB, 185 Overall)

2013: Derrick Henry (5 RB, 36 Overall), Tyren Jones (11 RB, 79 Overall), Alvin Kamara (2 APB, 45 Overall), Altee Tenpenny (8 RB, 53 Overall)


Space Coyote

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Gray was plauged with some nagging injuries a bit last year. He still ran for 701 yards on 149 attemps on a team with a very young O-line and terrible QB play. Also had 11 catches for 151 yards. The kid is very good still and will be good going forward. I think you'll see his numbers uptick as the QB and O-line get experience and get better (O-line, at least, has talent is just young, QB for UT is still a huge question mark). I fully expect Gray and Malcolm Brown to be one of the best one-two punches at RB in the country within the next two years (assuming Brown can actually get healthy).


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We have genuine interest from some outstanding RBs like Mixon and Hood. These guys understand that sharing the workload is in their best long-term interest, so Green won't scare them off.

Plus, UM's odds will rise with the national RBs as more premium guys join at other spots.

We'll get at least a solid 4* and then Mikey or Damien can join for 2015.